10 reasons for not wearing a helmet

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1. The bicycle helmet is too heavy!
TRIFOX: It seems you haven’t worn a helmet before. Now the helmet is very light.

2. If I don’t ride a fast car, I don’t need a helmet
TRIFOX: The current “road killer” (refers to people who don’t have driving skills but drive on the road and endanger the safety of others.) So many, so you know…

3. They are too expensive for bicycle helmets
TRIFOX: It’s much cheaper than going to the emergency department to suture your scalp and receive the medicine, and it doesn’t hurt.

4. The helmet messes up my hair
TRIFOX: Yes, this is a fact. However, if you don’t have a bicycle helmet in a crash, it may really mess your head. You can consider options: a day of messy hair or a lifetime of a bad head.

5. Looks ugly
TRIFOX: Come on! Only when you wear a helmet can you look professional, the drivers will respect you, and give you more riding space, you can be handsome. Moreover, according to the visual
observation of the rider, the turning head rate of wearing a helmet is many percentage points higher than that of not wearing a helmet.

6. Wearing a bicycle helmet is too hot
TRIFOX: There are a lot of heat dissipation holes on the helmet, there are super many ventilation holes, and it will not be hot.

7. If I don’t ride on a busy road, I don’t need a helmet
TRIFOX: This is a big mistake. Only 10% of bicycle injuries are related to cars. Because overwhelming rocks, rolling into pits and other falls are more likely to happen, these accidents may occur on any road.

8. I never fall from a car
TRIFOX: Maybe it just doesn’t exist temporarily. Everyone has a crash, and some serious injuries are caused by a crash. Don’t have a fluke.

9. Wearing a helmet looks so funny
TRIFOX: There are many colors and designs of bicycle riding helmets. You can definitely find a helmet that makes you look handsome.

10. None of my friends wear helmets
TRIFOX: Maybe your friends don’t know the importance of helmets. If you are the first person among your friends to recognize this problem, and you are the first to lead the helmet on, think about the day if your friend crashes because Learn to wear a helmet from you and save a life, how much he will appreciate you. right?

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