10 ways to break the wind!

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Breaking the wind is the necessary process for the rider to lead to victory!

If you do not fully prepare, it will consume your stamina bit by bit and become the biggest enemy on the field.

Even if they have excellent aerodynamic bicycles and ultra-low wind resistance riding equipment, riders can only get a certain amount of help on the field. It does not mean that they can get the first opportunity in the leading group, and there is no guarantee that they can stand in the awards the stage accepts cheers because the output power is determined by physical fitness. If riders have good equipment and attitude, they can play an important role in the key to victory.

For advanced riders who are looking for speed and fighting every second, you must know the 10 tips for creating low-drag riding. The following are the bike parts, personal parts, and body parts, respectively, and explain in order the ways in which road bikes can achieve low-resistance riding settings.

Bike parts selection

1. Wheels

In principle, a rim height of 35mm or more can produce a wind-breaking effect. Although the higher the rim, the better the wind-cutting effect, if it encounters a crosswind, it will become difficult to control. Considering the front wheel, it is recommended to use 50mm. For the high-frame wheels, the rear wheels have no handling problems and the overall center of gravity is also on the rear wheels, so wheels with higher rims can be used.

The part that can exert the maximum aerodynamic performance is the wheelset. The picture above is an AERO wheelset of Trifox. There are 38mm, 50mm, and 60mm for your choice.

2. Handlebar

In addition to the appearance of the body to minimize the wind resistance area and make the whole more streamlined, some bike handles use a hidden wiring design, which hides the wiring inside the handlebar. Not only does the car become more concise, but it can also be more or less Reduce wind resistance.

3. Tires

Tires that seem to have nothing to do with low wind resistance, in fact, the tread pattern and width will also affect the wind resistance coefficient. It is recommended to choose a smooth and flat tread pattern to minimize the wind resistance friction coefficient, and the width of the tire should be echoed with the wheelset to avoid Choosing wider tires to produce greater wind resistance.

Although there is no so-called aerodynamic tire, choosing a bald tire and a suitable width can help.

Personal parts selection

1. Low wind resistance helmet

It is the most straightforward way to buy a road helmet with low wind resistance. Its appearance is similar to that of a timing helmet. As the player may face downwards in the final sprint, there is no drop-shaped tail end design. Some brands of road bike helmets are sold separately with caps. By covering the vents to reduce wind resistance, some ventilation will be sacrificed. If your budget is limited, you can add a smooth cap to your existing helmets, which is economical and affordable.

2. Shoe covers

There are usually Velcro or laces on the surface of general car shoes. In order to reduce wind resistance, it is more economical to wear shoe covers directly. On the other hand, many shoes on the market pay attention to low wind resistance design, through surface treatment or the whole piece of smooth design, making the whole pair of shoes more streamlined.
Wearing shoe covers directly is a more economical way, and the laces and Velcro are not exposed.

3. One-piece cycling suit

Compared with the separate styles of the upper body cycling jersey and cycling pants, the one-piece cycling underwear is more streamlined, and the seam point is located on the lee side of the front of the jersey. In addition, the appropriate size and tailored tailoring design make the whole set The car clothes are attached to the body, but the disadvantage of the one-piece car suit is that the ventilation effect is not ideal.

Body part selection

1. Riding posture

The wind resistance area of ​​the human body is much larger than that of a bicycle. If you want to reduce the wind resistance, you can change the riding posture to create a better low wind resistance effect. Very particular players will perform fitting according to their needs, usually, by adjusting the seat cushion forward and lowering the handlebar height, The body seems to shrink into a ball, but this posture will not be very comfortable, and the body will easily feel tired.

Many riders think that holding the lower handle can reduce the wind resistance more than holding the upper handle, but in fact, the riding posture is not as low as possible, but the more level the better, so it is recommended to hold the upper handle with both hands. In the horizontal state, the helmet and the back are in a straight line, and the pedaling posture is maintained in a vertical state.

2. Shave leg hair

Different people have different opinions on the effect of shaving leg hair. Some riders have the habit of making the body surface smoother, but after all, leg hair is a part of human skin and has a warming effect. If you really want to shave leg hair, it is usually best. There is such a habit, try not to do it before the game, otherwise, it may cause skin allergies or infections.

3. Reduce excess body weight

If you accidentally get too much luck or your BMI exceeds the standard range during the Chinese New Year, it is recommended to find a normal way to reduce weight. An average weight loss of 0.5kg per week is more appropriate. It can reduce overall weight on the one hand, and reduce weight on the other. The windward area can also have little effect on reducing wind resistance.

4. Reduce wind resistance through wheels

When riding, the body will divert the wind resistance to both sides. When the airflow converges again in the neutral position, a so-called low-pressure zone will be generated. There is no wind resistance in the area. If the team is moving through the division of labor and cooperation, it will not only It also achieves the effect of reducing wind resistance and also saves energy.

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