5 things you can’t do before cycling

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Want to make your cycling experience better every time? Then don’t make low-level mistakes before cycling. Before cycling, make sure that the bicycle is clean and tidy and all functions are normal. If you want to make your next cycling experience better, you must prepare well before you go. Preparation means not only what you need to do, but also Including the things you can’t do.

Here are a few things you need to avoid before cycling:
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Excessive intake of high-calorie and high-fiber substances

You should eat some easily digestible foods before cycling. High-fat and high-fiber foods are not a good choice. Ingesting high-fiber foods, such as salads or non-starchy vegetables, takes time to digest, so it will last longer in the stomach. Similarly, foods with high-fat content should not be taken. Because these foods will not be digested quickly, it is not good for you who want to maintain a good physical condition before cycling. This means that these things cannot be converted into energy transmission to your muscles immediately. Instead, you can consume some carbohydrates or lean protein.

Filling too much water

Water, of course, is a necessity, but nothing is too much. This is the unchangeable law. If there is no way to replenish water in time on the road, you may want to fill it with two or three bottles first. Dear, this is definitely a bad idea. Your stomach and kidneys can’t bear such a lot of “pressure” at once. Drinking too much water will only make you feel bloated, and you often want to go to the bathroom when cycling. And drinking too much water can cause hyponatremia.

Although this happens rarely, the clinical symptoms it causes can appear to be dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. The best way is to slowly take in about 450 grams of water 1-2 hours before cycling so that it is almost exhausted before cycling. During the ride, just drink one or two sips every 15 to 20 minutes with a little supplement water will do.

Don’t check the gear shift before cycling

For those with long-distance cycling plans, it is really not a good thing to discover that the brakes are not working after 20 minutes of cycling. It is recommended to check your bicycle accessories quickly before cycling, such as whether the tires are broken, whether the brakes are still working, or whether the pedal lock shoe splint is broken, etc. these conditions will be dangerous to your cycling. ” he said. If you want to take a cycling trip, it’s best to check it a few days in advance. If there is a problem, you can also leave some time to go to the bicycle shop to find a technician to repair it. Make sure the chain is correct. Sensitive, your wheels are not scratched, and the brakes work.

Do static stretching exercises

Of course, stretching is not a bad thing in itself, but it’s not a good idea to do some static stretching before your muscles are fully active. However, there is still some controversy regarding this matter, but most studies have shown that doing static stretching exercises before exercise can actually weaken your muscle’s function. Do some simple pedaling exercises to warm up 10 minutes before cycling. Of course, the role of static stretching exercise is still very good for cyclists, but it is best to do it after the end of the ride.

Do not tell others where you are going before cycling

Imagine that you are injured or lost. Although it is not as effective as this situation, you need to take precautions in advance. Let your friends know where you are going before cycling, it’s best to bring your ID card. At the same time, you have to tell them how long you plan to ride. Needless to say, bring your mobile phone. Finally, the best way is to open social software. The most important point is that when you are really injured, the insider can quickly find you.

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