5 Tips to Improve Your Road Bike Speed

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Because road bicycles are fast, strictly speaking, the requirements for cadence are greater than the requirements for strength. So, how to increase the cadence and rhythm? That is to sweat more and practice more during normal training. The so-called one minute on the field, ten years off the field. Any exercise needs to be done step by step, no one can practice it in one day, so how do improve the cadence and speed?

①. Keep the cadence at 80 to 90 revolutions per minute on flat roads. If there is a gentle downhill on the flat road, you can raise a grade and stabilize slowly.

②. Keep going uphill at 65 to 75 rpm, if the slope is too big, you can lower it a notch and then slowly stabilize.

③. Alternate intermittent and static riding to improve resilience during competition.

④. Practice more straight-line riding skills, S-type riding will consume too much energy and reduce cadence.

⑤. It is enough to shake the bicycle when the bicycle is rocked. When the bicycle is rocked, the body will follow, which will consume too much physical strength and disturb the rhythm.

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