A large and thick saddle is not necessarily comfortable

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1. Expand the contact area between the buttocks and the seat cushion, disperse the pressure, and reduce the local pressure on the buttocks.

2. The thick filler can absorb more shock and vibration from the frame.

In fact, a wide and thick seat cushion does not necessarily reduce butt pain. Let’s first look at the cause of butt pain:

1. Compression: When sitting on the cushion, the weight of the body presses on the small area of ​​the cushion, which will generate a very large pressure, which will compress the capillaries and affect the blood circulation.
2. Shearing force and friction: When pedaling, the human body will sway slightly on the cushion, rubbing the edge of the cushion, causing friction, friction, and heat, which will soon cause pain and skin damage. The shear force generated by friction with the cushion combined with the compression effect further aggravates the blood circulation disorder.
3. Moisture: The moisture brought by sweat has aggravated the effect of shearing force.
4. Temperature: When cycling, the skin temperature, especially the temperature of the perineum will rise significantly. The rise in temperature speeds up the metabolism of the skin, and under the action of compression and shearing force, blood circulation is obstructed. At this time, the skin begins to die because it cannot get sufficient nutrients.

Obviously, the generous and thick saddle has an advantage in oppression. But the wide and thick seat cushion will bring more friction and shear force. The large and thick seat cushion is not easy to wick away sweat and is more humid. The large and thick saddle will make the butt temperature higher.

Of course, compression is the main cause of butt pain. Generosity will bring comfort, but because of the last three disadvantages, we also know that large and thick seat cushions do not always make us feel comfortable. The benefits of the first item can be felt by sitting on it, but as the riding time is longer, the adverse effects of the latter three items are greater. This is why some seat cushions are very comfortable to sit on, but long riding time will make us very painful.

We all know that sitting on a sofa is not the thicker the filling layer, the softer it is. The comfortable high-end sofa, the hardness, and filling thickness are all carefully designed, too soft sofas are often relatively low-priced products, Sitting for a long time makes it uncomfortable.

The same is true for the seat cushion. The seat cushion is very comfortable and soft after sitting on it, which may make you painful after riding for a period of time. The filling foam of the seat cushion has good or bad materials, and the same material has different densities. A good cushion will be considered as a good filling material, with a moderate density, or even layered filling. The upper layer has a lower density and the lower layer uses high-density materials so that it will have a more comfortable touch without being too dented.

At the same time, after we sit on the saddle, the seat bone position sinks, and the edge part is easy to bulge and press other places. The shape of the saddle is also very important.

Therefore, we must be selective in choosing a large and thick saddle, look at its design and workmanship, consult cyclists who have used it, and do not pursue magnanimity.

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