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Trifox is a high-quality Chinese carbon fiber bicycle brand. It is committed to promoting bicycle culture and sports, combining the customization needs of our customers, using innovative technology and manufacturing expertise, and constantly developing new bike frames and components to provide a complete solution for cyclists at all stages. From leisure activities to professional competitions, Trifox continues to promote bicycles to the world.

At present, Trifox mainly produces carbon fiber frames, carbon fiber handlebars, carbon fiber MTB forks, carbon fiber wheels, and some carbon fiber bicycle accessories, such as bike computer Mount, bottle cages, and so on. There are many official agents around the world. They have brick-and-mortar bicycle stores. Friends who like carbon fiber bicycles can visit Trifox’s official website ( trifoxbike.com ) to learn about information about Trifox products, or go to the physical store of Trifox’s official agents to experience the quality of Trifox bicycles.

We have super-high quality, perfect service, and attractive prices. Trifox would be pleased to cooperate with bike stores around the world to provide perfect pre-sales and after-sales services. We are committed to promoting Trifox to the world and making more Cyclists like Trifox, allowing more people to join the cycling life, and contribute to the green and healthy life of the world.

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