Advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber bikes

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A carbon Bike is mainly a mid-to-high-end competition bicycle. As an emerging material, carbon fiber is mainly used in the best road bike frames, front forks, and wheelsets.
Manufacturing materials: In addition to the chrome-molybdenum steel used in the past, carbon fiber materials also include aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, magnesium, and other new materials.

Carbon fiber not only has the inherent properties of carbon materials but also has the soft processability of textile fibers. It is less than 1/4 the specific gravity of steel, but it is very strong. And its corrosion resistance is outstanding, it is a new generation of reinforcing fibers. Carbon fiber is widely used in civil, military, construction, aerospace, and super sports car fields.

Advantages of carbon fiber frames

The characteristics of carbon fiber frames are “light, good rigidity, and good shock absorption”. However, it is not technically easy to give full play to the excellent performance of carbon fiber, and the quality of carbon fiber material manufacturers varies greatly. Bicycle manufacturers are unlikely to use high-grade carbon fiber for frames due to cost concerns. Although there are the above-mentioned practical problems, the carbon fiber frame still has advantages that other materials do not have. It can manufacture a lightweight bicycle of about 8 or 9kg. This kind of carbon fiber lightweight bicycle can best reflect its advantages when climbing a slope, and the climbing is smooth. And refreshing. Unlike some light aluminum frames, there is a pull-back when climbing.

(1). Lightweight frame can be made

The carbon fiber frame is obtained by layering carbon fibers in the direction of stress to obtain strength. The carbon fiber frame is very light due to its density and strong tensile strength.

(2). Good shock absorption

Carbon fiber is used to make artificial legs for disabled people, or special springs are used in various fields. Utilize its excellent shock absorption performance to make bicycles without shock absorbers. However, the quality of each manufacturer varies greatly, and some are very hard, so this kind of frame can only know whether it is good or not after riding.

(3). Frames of various shapes can be manufactured

The basic molding method of carbon fiber is to lay fiber sheets on the mold and then flow into the resin and burn it. Frames can be made into various shapes.

Disadvantages of carbon fiber frames

(1). Complex stress calculation

The carbon fiber frame is composed of carbon fiber, which is characterized by strong tensile strength, but weak shear strength. Complex stress calculations (longitudinal rigidity and transverse rigidity) are required during processing, and carbon fiber sheets are overlapped and formed according to the calculation. The processing technology varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and it is important to choose products from experienced and reliable manufacturers.

(2). Difficult to change the size

It is difficult to change the size due to the molding after the mold is made. Orders with multiple sizes and styles cannot be accommodated.

(3). Aging

Will the use of resin cause aging? This is an existential subject that gradually turns white when placed in sunlight. Of course, this phenomenon is related to the manufacturer’s technology. It is best not to place it in the sun.

Types of carbon fiber bicycles

Full carbon: All carbon fiber bicycle accessories are made of carbon fiber materials.

Semi-carbon: Many bicycles are made of aluminum alloy + and carbon fiber. For example, a frame may be made of carbon for the top tube and aluminum for other parts (or carbon for the rear triangle…), carbon fiber for the front fork arm, and aluminum for the front fork tube, so it can be said to be semi-carbon.

Carbon wrapping: For some frames, handlebars, stems, cranks, forks, seat posts,s, and other accessories, the manufacturer uses an aluminum alloy to make it, and then wraps a layer of carbon cloth on the surface, which is the carbon wrapping thing.

The relationship between carbon fiber bicycles and the environment

Carbon fiber contains resin so it can also be said to be acid-resistant. But for carbon fiber, internal factors should be considered more, it uses resin, so the possibility of resin aging exists. A carbon fiber bike should be kept out of the sun when not in use, with sunlight and ambient temperature having the greatest impact.

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