Are novices still wondering whether to wear underwear under cycling pants?

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Many riders have bought cycling pants. Considering hygiene, protruding pants, appearance, etc., they often consult whether to wear underwear or not.

Answer: After wearing cycling pants, underwear is no longer suitable.
The picture below can prove that professional riders do not wear underwear

In 2003, the Austrian cyclist Hasselbacher tried to squeeze along the border fence during the sprint stage of the third leg of the Tour de France on July 8. As a result, he fell heavily and his clothes were all covered. Was scratched. However, despite the ragged clothes, Hasselbacher even showed most of his buttocks, still stepping on the bike to continue the race.

July 07, 2004, the third stage of the Tour de France, Hushofder exposed his buttocks to complete the race.

Chris Froom was treated after a crash in the fourth stage of the 2014 Tour de France.

The benefits of wearing cycling pants for cycling are:

1. Reduce wind resistance
2. Increase the comfort of the buttocks and cushion
3. Reduce friction
4. Quick-drying wicking function

The reason for reducing friction is that long-distance riding pants rubbing the skin for a long time will produce varying degrees of inflammation or other skin problems, and the material of riding pants can effectively reduce friction. If you wear underwear, the friction-reducing effect of the cycling pants will be isolated, and it will not work. And the underwear is generally made of cotton, which has a poor sweat-wicking function, moisture + large friction, which is harmful to the human body!

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