Are road bikes good for long rides? How does it compare to mountain bikes?

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Generally speaking, for long-distance riding on good roads, a road bike is a good choice. A road bike will be faster and improve your efficiency. If riding on complex and varied mixed terrain, mountain bikes will provide better traction while handling more complex road conditions better.


The biggest advantage of riding a mountain bike is reliability. The frame of the mountain bike is strong enough and can adapt to all kinds of bad weather and road conditions. The probability of failure during riding is much smaller than that of road bikes, so you can rest assured when riding mountain bikes. Although road bikes are strong enough, they are still a little bit worse than mountain bikes.


Mountain bikes were originally designed to cope with off-road riding. The tires are wider, the texture is more complex, and the body is heavier. These all limit the speed of mountain bikes, so mountain bikes will be slower than road bikes. If you want to achieve efficient long-distance For cycling, a road bike is a good choice.


Mountain bikes are equipped with shock absorbers, which can effectively absorb bumps from the road, and the riding posture of mountain bikes is more upright, which greatly improves the comfort of long-distance riding.

The advantage of road bikes in terms of comfort is the drop handlebar, which allows you to change the position of the grip and adjust the riding position, which can prevent sore hands.


A touring road bike designed entirely for long-distance riding, the frame can be fitted with various panniers. In this regard, road bikes are no worse than mountain bikes. It’s just that the road bikes that you usually come into contact with are mainly based on speed. You must know that there are road bikes first, and then mountain bikes. Many world tours use endurance road bikes.

So if you want to go on a long-distance ride, what kind of car would you choose?

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