Benefits of cycling gloves

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Why should I wear gloves when cycling? Because you can be handsome wearing it? Can you keep out the cold in winter? Or do accidental crashes provide protection?

These are just some of its functions. Next, we will fully analyze the bizarre effects of cycling gloves. The role of gloves is like wearing protective clothing on the outside of the hand. Various protective effects have a great impact.

1. Comfortable cushioning   
Long-term riding, not only our legs are under great pressure, but our hands also bear great pressure, and the design of the palm cushion module of riding gloves can effectively relieve palm fatigue.

2. a firm grip
Riding with sweaty hands, a slippery hand can easily cause serious problems, so you need a pair of riding gloves. The special rubber-like material on the palm can effectively enhance the friction and avoid the embarrassment of taking off the handlebar.

3. sun protection and cold protection
Wearing gloves in summer has the effect of sun protection. It is recommended to wear half-finger gloves to help dissipate heat, but remember to apply sunscreen where your fingers are exposed, so as not to cause finger color difference;

It is recommended to wear full-finger gloves in winter. Maintaining the temperature of the hands is the primary task of the gloves. Avoid direct contact with the air or the loss of heat in the body.

4, injury protection
Accidents always occur unintentionally. Often when a car crashes, the hands will unconsciously make supportive actions, so riding gloves can effectively protect your hands in this situation.

5, easy to wipe
Cyclists have long looked forward to working hard on the pedals. A lot of sweating is unavoidable. Occasionally, a runny nose may occur. At this time, using jerseys or toilet paper to wipe is not only a waste of time but also not for the bike rider. Convenient, many people will choose to use the back of the glove to wipe away sweat and nose.

Wearing and maintenance of riding gloves

1. Wash well to make gloves more durable. How to wash the gloves?
The answer is that it is best to wash by hand, as long as it is soaked in soapy water, rubbed and washed, and dried in the shade. Do not use hot water, bleach, and other strong acids or alkalis to clean, and do not expose it to the sun, because it is easy to damage the texture of the material, and there will be pilling, loose cloth, and deformed gloves.

2. If you are too lazy to wash by hand, remember to attach the Velcro to prevent the Velcro from sticking to the fabric and causing the fabric to pill;
It is best to put it in a laundry bag before washing with a washing machine to reduce the possibility of deformation of the gloves.

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