Best full-suspension mountain bikes: Our top picks to tackle the toughest cross-country courses

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What are the benefits of a full-suspension mountain bike?
On a smooth surface such as a fire-road climb or flat-out sprint down the start/finish straight, nothing is faster than a super-light hardtail like the ones in our best lightweight mountain bikes under 10kg guide. If you’ve got the skills you can skip and skim them through some pretty technical terrain, too.

When the surface gets relentlessly rough or there are big drops and rocks involved, full suspension sucks up bike-stopping impacts to help you sustain speed.

Specialized Epic Evo Expert


  1. Excellent slacker, longer, lower geometry
  2. Lightweight frame
  3. SWAT
  4. Practical, protective details
  5. Full-size range

Trek Slash 9.9 X01


  1. Phenomenal rear suspension
  2. Easy setup
  3. Awesome aggro geometry
  4. Precision accuracy
  5. High control cockpit
  6. Internal storage
  7. Efficient pedaling

Trifox 29er Full Suspension Carbon MTB Frame MFM100


  1. Boost gives a 148 x 12mm spacing which allows for the hub flanges to be further apart which gives a potentially stronger and stiffer rear wheel.
    Our boost frame can fit a maximum 2.35″ size of tire. The boost design can increase the space of the chainstay, which can use larger and more speedy flywheels, the design of frog legs is more facilitate, and it also increases the elasticity of the rear fork, more shock absorption, and more comfortable.
  2. Equipped with a Trunnion rear shock mount, bring us the most efficient pedaling design, asymmetric design, we deliberately offset the position of the rear shock, so that the structure of the bicycle can be smooth and the carbon fiber can perfectly achieve one Linear structure, and when the rear shock absorber is locked, the cable movement space on the left will be reserved, so that the down tube can be kept unblocked through the rear shock absorber to the main turning point.
  3. Internal routing design to make your bicycle more beautiful and tidy
  4. Has a good shock absorption effect and higher comfort. Whether off-road or competition, it can alleviate the fatigue of the rider.
  5. 2-year warranty service.

For more information about Trifox 29er Full Suspension Carbon MTB Frame MFM100, please follow the official website:

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