Bicycle maintenance cycle table

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Before each ride
·Check the tire pressure
·Check the brakes and cable sets
·Confirm whether your crank setting is locked
·Confirm whether your Quick Release is locked, but not too tight

After each ride
·Check whether there are glass, sand, and gravel fragments on the tire and whether the tread pattern has been ground
·Check wheel accuracy
·Clean important mechanical parts on the bicycle

Every week or every 320 kilometers
·Greasing the chain (dry lubricating oil, or wet lubricating oil when riding frequently)

Every month
·Clean up the bicycle completely, and clean the transmission system if necessary
·Check the chain and flywheel, check the degree of wear of the chain, and whether the chain is loose, and replace it with a new chain if necessary
·Check the brake system and transmission line
·Check the pedals and SPD shoes for some lubrication
·Check if there are any missing parts:
·Faucet screw
·Handle screw
·Seat post screw (or quick release)
·Bike seat
·Transmission screw
·Bottle cage screws
·Frame mounting bolt (thread fixing place)
·Brake and transmission lines
·Brake, shift lever screw
·Brake screw (do not change the brake center)
·Check whether the tires are worn and rotated smoothly, and replace them if necessary.

Every three months
·Clean to shiny bikes can always ride faster and farther
·Check whether the paint on the frame and the front fork is cracked or raised, which may indicate damage to the structure or part of the bike; pay special attention to the welds of all frames
·Visually inspect the bent parts: sitting bow, Seatpost, faucet handle, brake caliper, and brake lever

Every six months
·Check and adjust bearings, pedals, and bottom brackets (if possible: some bearing seals can only be replaced, not adjusted)
Per year
·Disassemble the bike for maintenance: Replace all bearings (if possible). If you ride more than 6000 miles a year, you must replace all brake cables and shift cables. In addition, people who often ride in the rain or mountain bike riders need to check their bicycles more frequently and thoroughly.

Before every important journey, professional inspection and adjustment is a clear choice, which will also make the journey more enjoyable.

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