Bicycle tires are more likely to blow out in summer

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In the hot summer, when I was about to ride home, I found that my bicycle had a puncture after exposure to the sun. Although this is a trivial matter, it spoiled our good mood for the day.

Why does a bicycle tire blow out?

Any object has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction. In the hot summer, when we are enjoying the cold ice cream, we will find that there is cold air flowing down around the ice cream. This is because the air close to the ice cream cools down, becomes heavier than the surrounding air, and flows downward. Not only is the air very hot in summer, but the ground is also heated by the sun. When a bicycle is exposed to the sun, the air in the tire is constantly squeezing the tire after being heated and expanded. If the air in the tire hits too much, or there is a weak spot on the tire, it will squeeze the tire.
Bicycle tires are more likely to blow out in summer 1
Experienced people tell us: In order to avoid a bicycle tire blowout in summer, do not over-puff the air in the tires. If the air in the tires is too high, let out a little bit, leaving a margin for gas expansion. Not only bicycles, but car tires also have the same problem, so we must do a good job in summer tire maintenance.
Bicycle tires are mo

 contraction lies in the continuous thermal movement of gas molecules on the microscopic level. The higher the temperature of the gas, the more intense the thermal movement, and the relative weakening of the binding force between the molecules, resulting in an increase in the average distance between gas molecules, thereby increasing the macroscopic volume. For gas in a fixed volume, an increase in temperature will result in an increase in gas pressure. This is the reason why the temperature is too high to cause a puncture.
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The principle of thermal expansion and contraction of gas has many clever applications in life. If you accidentally squash the ping pong ball, you can put the ping pong ball in a bowl with hot water, and the ping pong ball will become round in a while. This is because the air inside the ping pong ball expands in volume after being heated, which will make the ping pong ball round.
Bicycle tires are more likely to blow out in summer 4
Although the reason is simple, it is easy to be ignored by some cyclists. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to this situation, especially now that much hot weather is entered, remind everyone to prevent heatstroke and sun protection.

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