Correct riding breathing-adjust your oxygen supply capacity!

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1. Healthy breathing theory

The knowledge of breathing is great. It is not so easy to discuss and research. Different exercises have different breathing characteristics. And some good breathing methods also need to be developed. (My respiratory system was in trouble a few days ago, and now I pay special attention to this aspect of recovery) Why should I pay attention to breathing? Here is the connection point between human and natural aura! I don’t understand Qigong, but don’t talk about everything when people are out of anger. The same two, eating the same meal, why one is tired after running 10 kilometers, and the other one runs hundreds of kilometers and continues. The reason is here, the efficiency of energy conversion is inseparable from breathing!

In addition, what is breathed in is stimulating to the alveoli. Air pollution, dust, bacteria, etc. will cause damage to the lungs. A runny nose is also a typical symptom of a respiratory infection. When you ride a bike in the wind, the cold air goes straight down the respiratory tract and lung cavity, which reflects some of the respiratory tracts. You can consider using your nose to help you breathe. Don’t take a big mouth, just open a small mouth. Nose hair and nasal cavity can filter the air, and can also warm the air. This way the respiratory tract will not be irritated.

2. Cycling breathing experience

Regarding cycling, breathing is equally important. I used to like to ride fast when I came up. I was prone to abdominal pain after reaching a certain distance. Later I came to the conclusion that it was caused by breathing. Part of the outside air was mixed with the stomach. So for a while, I paid special attention to breathing with my stomach instead of my chest, and the result was much better.

It’s right to breathe with your mouth when riding, especially when cycling uphill. But it is not to let everyone breathe cold air immediately after breakfast, but to tell friends that if you are riding on a flat road and the normal nasal breathing can be satisfied, then you don’t need to gasp. Moreover, what I mean by mouth breathing on flat roads is performed under the premise that the nose and mouth are downward, avoiding the limelight, and automatically contracting the abdomen. When cycling uphill, you need a big mouth to supply oxygen, and use your mouth and nose as much as possible (if you don’t use it, it’s wasted). If it’s cold, it is recommended to warm up your body before going out. Just open the mouth naturally, and the tongue can be rolled up properly, which helps heat the gas.

Breathing tips: No matter what the situation, the most taboo thing about breathing is irregularity.

3. In some “death riding” alpine symptoms, it will disturb your normal breathing rhythm.

Cycling uphill 4000 meters is a normal phenomenon for the swollen throat, swollen tonsils, and dizziness. The reason is simple: the air is thin, and breathing must be strengthened to supply blood oxygen. At this time, it is very effective to apply some petroleum jelly in the nasal cavity during the day under the necessary night medicine conditioning. As winter is approaching, keep warm when cycling.

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