Cycling is supposed to be a fitness sport

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Cycling is supposed to be a fitness sport

Just like playing ball, dancing, and running, you can lose the fat on your body, and sweat profusely so you can look healthy.

Our bikes should not be simply regarded as a means of transportation but should be regarded as a kind of fitness equipment. On occasions, this is irresponsible for it, often wash and maintain the car after

Cycling is a journey

Of course, travel should not be a short 10 kilometers or 20 kilometers. This distance is too short for cycling. How far is it?

In fact, there is no specific number. Traveling should be from the place where you are to a strange place, or a place you have been to but not often so that you can have a different experience, so that it is not boring, and you can bear the wind and dust on the road. It is full of anticipation for the scenery ahead. So when you have been around, riders who have time will want to go further – travel!

Riding is a conquest

From 300 meters above sea level to 600 meters, to 1000 meters higher, when you climb to the top of the mountain and look out, you will feel proud and satisfied. A thrill of conquest. So I kept looking for higher mountains and harder paths. Of course, you have to remember that what you conquer is actually yourself.

Riding is a challenge

Challenge your physical limit, challenge the peak of your perseverance, challenge your opponents, challenge the wind, rainstorm, cold, and hunger, and become stronger in constant challenges.

Cycling is a kind of sharing

Record the beautiful scenery you see, upload your feelings and feelings to Qiji or Moments, and let family and friends share this trip together. Although others have not gone, they can also feel happy from your sharing, as if they have also been there Same. At this time, we have also become the scenery of others.

Cycling is communication

Traveling with cyclists, chatting and laughing on the road, chatting freely, exchanging life thoughts, exchanging riding experience, exchanging knowledge about cycling, you can say hello to unfamiliar cyclists, and make progress and grow together in communication.

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