Cyclists are a group of such people

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1. Cyclists are the strongest people. When cycling on the road, they don’t know when they will fall, but they are always ready to get up after falling.

2. Cyclists are the ones who enjoy life the most. They usually ride their beloved bicycles to the West Lake to enjoy the wind of East Lake, as if there is nothing more important than living in the world.

3. Cyclists are the most energetic and passionate people. They can pick up a map and ride their beloved bicycle just because of a simple dream as if there is no place in the world they can’t reach.

4. Cyclists are the most motivated people. They will never be satisfied with the configuration of their own bicycles at home and start to save money and buy new equipment for themselves.

5. Cyclists are the most romantic people. At their wedding ceremony, there are no luxury cars, only two long rows of bicycles swagger through the street, but they give you happiness that no one can compare.

6. The cyclist is the one who loves home most. After your child is born, he will teach your child to ride a bicycle. On weekends, he will take the three of you, mother and son, on a bike ride out for a picnic.

7. Cyclists are the most politically promising. There is a cowboy in the United States. He used to ride a horse and had nothing to do. Later, he switched to riding a bicycle and became the president of the United States.

8. Cyclists are the people with the most sense of humor. You can see the person who wrote this post.

9. Cyclists are the people who are most prepared for danger. They know that they are a disadvantaged group on the road, so they must take protective measures before riding a bicycle and never rush to the road with motor vehicles.

10. Cyclists are the most attentive people. If there is something wrong with their car, they will find it out. Likewise, if their beloved girl is in a bad mood, they will definitely find ways to make her happy.

11. Cyclists are the most passionate people. When they see the same cyclists on the road, they will definitely wave their hands and face them with a smile.

12. Cyclists are the most optimistic people. If they encounter any troubles, as long as they ride to the West Lake to blow the air, all troubles will disappear, and then they will say to themselves: There is no hurdle in this world that cannot be crossed.

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