Did you really use the front brake of a bicycle correctly?

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Do you know the basic knowledge of bicycle brakes?

1. The brake is used to control speed, not just for parking.
2. The front brake has a better braking effect.
3. The brake has the maximum braking effect when it is locked, and the braking performance is greatly reduced after locking and it is easy to lose balance.

Many novices prefer to use the rear brake and use the front brake less because they are worried that using the front brake will cause somersaults. In fact, the front brake is safer in many situations, and learning to use the front brake can also be learned quickly.

Why do we mainly use front brakes?

1. The front brake will have a better braking effect. The control speed is mainly dependent on the friction between the wheels and the road. The friction is directly proportional to the pressure applied by the wheels to the road. When using the front brake, due to the inertia, the pressure on the front wheels and the road will increase and the braking effect will increase. The rear brake has no such effect, and when the front brake is used, the pressure of the rear wheel on the road surface is greatly reduced, and the friction becomes very small.

2. When going downhill, only the front brake can have sufficient braking force, because most of the weight of the bike and the human body is on the front wheels and the friction between the front wheels and the road surface increases. The rear wheel has very little pressure on the road, and the friction is reduced. The braking effect is very poor, and the rear wheel will lock and skid with a small braking force.

How much have you mastered using the braking practice?

1. The brake lever of a general mountain bike is a two-finger brake lever. When riding, put your index and middle fingers on it, and you can brake immediately if there is an emergency. Many riders also set aside their index finger to shift gears, and only use the middle finger to control the brakes, so that shifting and braking can be performed at the same time.

2. The first thing we learn is the control of braking force. Gradually become familiar with how much braking force can be achieved by applying how much force to control the braking effect and prevent locking. After you are familiar with the relationship between braking force and braking effect, you can use the front brake with confidence.

3. You can master the front braking technique by practicing fast parking, paying attention to the change of the body’s center of gravity and controlling it when braking.

What should be paid attention to when using the front brake?

1. In an emergency stop, your body should move backward and downward in conjunction with the brake, so as to prevent the forward inertia of the center of gravity during braking, which may cause the rear wheel to lift or even fly out.

2. When the front wheels are turning, you should not use the front brakes. After you are skilled, you can use the front brakes slightly.

3. When there are obstacles ahead, try to avoid using the front brake.

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