Different stages of cycling have different breathing methods

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The way of breathing is different in different stages of cycling.

Before cycling: Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth

Before setting off, you must first adjust your breathing by inhaling and exhaling to make your body adapt to the rhythm of exercise in advance.
Method analysis: first close your mouth and use your nose to inhale deeply and slowly until you can no longer inhale, and then open your mouth to slowly exhale the air. After exhaling, close your mouth and inhale deeply with your nose. Repeat the above operation 9 times in succession.
After you are done, breathe naturally through your nose a few times and you can set off.

Cycling on flat roads: abdominal breathing
When you start cycling, your body’s oxygen consumption will increase, and abdominal breathing can inhale more air, thereby increasing oxygen intake.
Method analysis: close your mouth and roll your tongue up against your upper jaw to prevent excessive air from staying in your mouth. Then use your nose to inhale deeply. At this time, you can clearly feel that your abdomen is contracting. When you exhale, you should exhale as much as possible. At this time, your abdomen should be protruding outward.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t get used to it at first, you will get used to it if you practice consciously.

When climbing: fast inhale and fast exhale
Compared to cycling on a flat road, climbing a hill requires more energy, so more oxygen is needed to power the muscles. At this time, although abdominal breathing requires a large amount of oxygen, such a relatively slow breathing rhythm cannot meet the demand. At this time, it is necessary to change the breathing mode.
Method analysis: When you first start going uphill, you can use the same way of inhaling and exhaling before you set off; pay attention to inhale and exhale slowly. When you find that your breathing is getting more and more rapid, you should speed up your breathing rhythm-close your mouth, inhale quickly through your nose, and exhale quickly through your mouth.
If your breathing becomes more and more rapid, you might as well stop the cart and adjust your breathing.

During the entire cycling process, whether you are cycling or getting off the cart, be sure not to breathe in with your mouth.
On the one hand, although the amount of oxygen inhaled by mouth is relatively large, it is easy to inhale insects and other dirt, and inhalation of cold air often causes coughing and even diarrhea, which greatly affects the cycling experience. On the other hand, the nose itself has the ability to filter air, and at the same time, after the air passes through the nasal cavity, it will become warm and humid. In contrast, inhaling through the nose is more beneficial to the body.

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