Do you have these six major cycling anxiety?

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Today I will talk to you about some anxiety about cycling. Of course, you may not have anxiety here, but if you are cycling, it is possible to encounter a few anxieties.

1. Anxiety about lack of money

Most riders don’t have much money, and they also need to go to work to make money to support their families. Ever since the bike was brought in, the equipment was bought, the bike was upgraded, accommodation, registration fee, and dinner together… just like this, the wallet is getting thinner and thinner every day. Once you set foot on the way to riding a bike, the wallet is no longer in control!

2. Bike crash anxiety

I spent so much money on buying a bike, and I didn’t pay enough attention to fall it once. The cost was too high, so I usually ride it carefully and lend it to others. It’s a nightmare… Every time I ride out to play, I fall into pits and mountain roads. I’m afraid it gets hurt.

Seeing other people crashing or crashing yourself will feel that riding is too dangerous, but after a while, I want to ride a bike again, always moving forward in entanglement.

3. Trust anxiety

I bought a bicycle secretly and did not dare to tell my family. I was afraid of being scolded by my parents, saying that riding a bicycle is very dangerous, and riding a bicycle will affect learning. Can riding a bicycle be a meal? I’m also afraid that my wife will not support it. Anyway, all kinds of incomprehension, all kinds of worry.

4. Lost bike anxiety

I bought a bike I like, and it’s all news among my friends around me, but while enjoying this satisfaction, every time I see others lose their bikes, I can’t wait to see if my bike is safe.

The bike must be more careful and cherish the new bike within your sight, and you can’t wait to tie it together. Even if the bike has been locked with two big locks, plus GPS anti-theft positioning, but I still can’t make sure that when I ride out, I’m not sure about parking…

5. Anxiety of not being able to ride a bike

Riding a bike is addictive. If you don’t ride for a day, you will feel uneasy. I always feel that something is missing! After riding, I think about where to ride next time. Business trips and bad weather will make you worry about whether you can ride a bike!

6. Seeing that riders don’t wear helmets are also anxious

It’s not just myself, but seeing the riders around me riding without a helmet makes me anxious for others.

They think that just riding by the river, in the park, or commuting to and from get off work, in general, are the roads they are most familiar with. There is no need to wear a helmet. In fact, it is very dangerous to go on the road without wearing a helmet. Wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle can protect you at least when you crash.

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