Do you know the correct braking method for cycling?

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Braking is simple, just press the lever, but is it really that simple? Of course not, let’s take a look at the correct way to break!

The front brake is important

Many novice friends don’t like or are afraid to use the front brake. In fact, the front brake is still very useful. Especially in the case of emergency braking, the front brake is more efficient than the rear brake. But you need to pay attention to two issues. The focus should be shifted back if you don’t want to fly out.
Also, the brakes are now very easy to lock, so be sure to pay attention when using the front brake. This can be felt slowly while riding.
If it is downhill, you can’t just use the front brake, you need front and rear cooperation.
It is not recommended to use the front brake when cornering. It is easy to slip. When using the front brake, the wheels must be straight.

The rear brake is not that safe

Many friends think that it is safe to use the rear brake. In fact, the rear brake is also very dangerous, especially in the case of high-speed riding. If the rear brake force is too strong, the rear wheel will lock and the rear wheel will slide. Sand or slippery, the consequences are disastrous.

Friends who often ride bicycles must feel this deeply. Of course, the role of the rear brake is still great, mainly depending on the road conditions and your riding situation.
When riding slowly, in bad road conditions, such as slippery roads or when the front brake of the front wheel fails. The rear brake works very well.
Do not brake to the end, it is better to brake if it is a particularly critical situation.
There is no fixed requirement for left front right rear or left rear right front. It depends on personal habits to adjust.

Is disc brake or v brake better?

This is a problem that many novice friends struggle with. In fact, the two cannot be compared at all. Different types of things have their own advantages and disadvantages.
The biggest advantage of the v-brake at present is that the structure is very simple and convenient for maintenance. Therefore, the v-brake is generally chosen for long-distance riding.
Disc brakes can adapt to a variety of environments, and the rain will not affect the braking efficiency.

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