Do you know what is the wrong way to ride?

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Cycling is really a hard road!

Cycling is an exercise that is beneficial to the whole body. It can not only enhance cardiopulmonary function but also have considerable benefits on the strength and coordination of the knees and legs. However, these benefits are not felt by all cyclists. There are many cyclists who ride in a way that not only does not exercise but also hurts their health!

1. Not knowing how to exercise

Riding in moderation is very beneficial, but there are many cyclists who fall in love with riding like crazy and don’t know how to exercise in moderation. I ride when I have time, I want to ride whenever I have time, and I only look at equipment when shopping online. I even take the pursuit of kilometers as my goal of riding. I think that the farther you ride, the better. Well, the sooner the better.

Over time, the body will become ill from overwork. Due to excessive riding, not only did not learn the corresponding skills, but it hurt the body. Intense exercise for a long time may make people feel less pain during exercise, especially the precursor symptoms of a heart attack. Immune lymphocytes can also cause immune dysfunction due to the excited state of exercise.

2. Wrong force

Another major misunderstanding is the wrong force, believing that explosive force is king. When riding, I pursue pure explosive power and only stomp on the bicycle, ignoring the importance of cadence and endurance. Doing this will not only hurt the knees, but if I don’t usually exercise with a considerable intensity, the sudden and continuous exertion will still Cause serious consequences, and may even cause malignant arrhythmia, which can easily lead to sudden death.

3. Ignore the warm-up

If you don’t warm up for swimming, if you get cramps in the water, you can drown an adult even at a depth of one meter. When riding on land, do you think you can ignore the warm-up? If you’re a frequent cyclist, it’s okay not to warm up before riding, but if you always ride every once in a while, be careful. Before riding, you must do a warm-up exercise or preparatory activity to avoid some sports injuries during the ride. The warm-up time does not need to be too long, usually 5 to 10 minutes.

4. Not paying attention to the rest

Not paying attention to rest is also a big misunderstanding of riding. I always feel that my body still has strength and can continue, or my body is obviously a little tired, and I pursue the pleasure of overriding. This is not only useless but also harmful. Especially after a meal, you must not be able to ride, which is not only bad for your digestive system but also makes riding feel powerless.

Moreover, excessive riding will make you feel fatigued, and your reaction and judgment will be reduced. Therefore, paying attention to rest is the best guarantee for cycling progress.

No matter when, ride according to your own rhythm, and you must not be rhythmed by others. Riding in a way that is not suitable for you is not beneficial to you. Therefore, the best way is to understand your own body, strength, physical fitness, and cardiopulmonary function, judge your own level, and ride at a rhythm with fellow riders of the same level, in order to enjoy riding and feel the progress.

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