Don’t play casually with disc brakes

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Today, I want to tell you something that we don’t usually pay attention to, that is, disc brake discs.

1. Wipe the disc brake disc with a dirty cloth

Wiping the bicycle with a rag is the habit of most cyclists, but never wipe the disc brake disc with a dirty rag. Dirty things on a single disc brake disc will affect the brake performance.

2. The disc brake disc is stuck with oil

We all know that the brake parts cannot be oiled, but accidents are always inevitable, so everyone should be careful when oiling the parts of the bicycle and don’t put the oil on the disc brake disc.

3. Don’t touch the disc brake

The disc brake discs that have just experienced cycling brakes will more or less have some temperature, so don’t touch them after cycling to avoid burns. Some friends may think that the disc brake disc may be hot, but cycling downhill for a long time is really hot.

In addition, it is not recommended to touch it, especially the end part, because the disc brake disc may become like a knife after a long time.

In summary, there are two points

1. Don’t touch it

2. Don’t stick oil on brake-related parts

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