Girls who buy road bikes must know these

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For a most female cyclist, good looks seem to be the main factor in buying or not.

If you decide to buy a bike with a good look, you may choose the wrong bike. After all, the bike is not suitable, and the back is sore when cycling, but it will not take long to give up riding the bicycle.

Here are a few suggestions for female cyclists who want to buy a bicycle, hoping to help you choose a bike to buy.

What is the difference between the design of women’s and men’s models?

Because the body structure of women and men is not the same, it is not comfortable for girls to ride men’s bicycles. The ratio of the upper body to the lower body of women is generally wider than that of men who have smaller hips and smaller palms.

Women’s bicycle designs generally have a shorter top tube and handle, lower top tube, narrow handlebar, smaller head tube angles, and wider cushions.

According to the female body structure, re-adjust to make the bike adapt to the female posture. In principle, women are not recommended to choose a small size male bike.

Is appearance important, or performance important?

Choose between “good-looking” and “easy to use”. Most cute bikes or stylish bicycles can only be ridden in the city. It is recommended to choose “easy to use” for short distances.

Buying a bike takes “good-looking” as the first choice. It is easy to gradually give up cycling after a few months because the bike is not easy to ride.

How much is the budget?

If funds are limited, the unit price of the same specifications for foreign first-line brands will be much higher. More popular brands, or many domestic brands, may be able to find a suitable bike for you, and some brands have designed the bottom bracket to be lower in height, and the wheelbase of the bike is longer.

How much time does it take to ride a bike?

And if you can only choose to ride near your home at night, you don’t need to spend too much money on a bicycle, just choose an affordable entry-level bike.

Does the weight of the bike need to be calculated?

An ultra-light bicycle can make it a lot easier when you step on it. A very heavy bicycle can also be ride, but it requires a lot of physical energy to be wasted.

Within the scope of your budget, you can choose a light bike, try to choose as light as possible, and you don’t need to install too many accessories on the bike.

The details that must be paid attention to when buying a road bike

The choice of road bikes has more detailed adjustments than ordinary commuter bikes, because road bikes have higher requirements for posture, and inappropriate choices will make you ride very hard.

First, choose a frame of the right size. If the height is between the heights of the two size models, choose a frame that is biased towards the smaller size. If the frame is a little smaller, you can extend the faucet, and the bike will be more stable.

If the handle is too wide, the hand will become sore very quickly. The shackles and post-changes don’t need to be too advanced, just the whole system is the same. The most easily overlooked place is to choose a pair of safe foot pedals to avoid scratching yourself when getting off the bike or pushing the cart.

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