How about a gravel bike? Will it be your next choice?

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Gravel bicycle, also called gravel bicycle, English name Gravel, is also dubbed melon cart by netizens. The melon car has a similar appearance to a road bike (dropped handlebars), but thanks to the wide tires and loose geometry, it goes more smoothly on various complicated roads.

Dropped handlebars have been popularized as early as before the Tour de France (1903). Strictly speaking, in the earliest bicycle races, bicycles had to adapt to various gravel roads, so the history of gravel bikes has changed. It’s more blurry.

There are always reasons why you should buy a gravel bike.

Gravel bikes can be ridden on a variety of roads. Gravel bikes are good at handling all kinds of terrain, and can be ridden like road bikes on paved roads, or they can be crushed on various gravel and gravel roads. A gravel bike may not be as fast as a road bike, but the speed difference between it and a road bike is certainly less than the difference between a road bike and a mountain bike. Gravel bikes also won’t go as far off-road as mountain bikes, but can take you more often than road bikes can.

Gravel bikes can change all kinds of wheels. For the most part, you can swap almost any type of tire on your gravel bike, from slicks for speed to wide 650B tires for comfort off-road. If your budget is limited, you only need to prepare an extra wheel, and you can enjoy two riding experiences without buying an additional bicycle.

Loose geometry. Road bikes are built for speed, and most of them put you in a very aerodynamic position on the bike, at the expense of comfort. Gravel bikes have a more upright geometry that requires less back flexibility. Most gravel bikes also have a slightly longer wheelbase than road bikes, which means more stability when riding over rough terrain, too.

Gravel bikes are more durable. Gravel bikes are designed to be ridden in less-than-perfect conditions. Road bikes do sacrifice some bike strength in the pursuit of lightweight, road bikers generally love their bikes, gravel bikes can handle mud, dirt, grime, rough roads, and grassy terrain, and of course, the drivetrain is To maintain.

Handling is better. A longer wheelbase, slacker head tube, flared handlebars and wider tires give you stable handling. In general, gravel bikes will make you feel safer.

Good for “adventures” and long distances. The loose geometry will make you ride more comfortably and ride farther, and the same wide tires will also make you more courageous to try more “unknown areas”.

Install more accessories. Accessories that can be installed on mountain bikes, such as rear frames, fenders, front frames, etc., can be installed on gravel bikes, and you can go on a long journey with your luggage.

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