How do I park a bicycle without foot support?

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Many cyclists are very entangled with a question at the beginning, that is, whether to install a bicycle foot support or not. In the later practice, it proved that there is really no need to install, some said it was because of weight reduction, some said it was ugly, and some said it damaged the bike. In short, don’t install it!

For sports bikes, we don’t advocate the installation of bicycle foot supports, so what should we do when I need to park when we go out? Here are some bike enthusiasts who use the things at hand and the surrounding environment to help park their favorite bicycles. Let’s learn together! Share eight parking methods for your reference:

1. Put the handlebar against the wall
Handlebars against the wall are something many cyclists will do, or they are against roadside railings, etc. It requires a little skill and a little adjustment.

2. Use the rear wheel against the wall
Similarly, use the rear wheel is against the wall. It is also very good to just use the rear wheel to find a support point on the wall.

3. Use the bicycle saddle against the wall
Of course, Use the cushions against the wall, the reason is the same. The advantage of placing the cushion against the wall is that you don’t worry about the wall bumping into other parts of the bicycle. Extend it, you can also lean against trees and lampposts.

4. Upside down
It takes a little bit of effort. After all, not everyone likes to turn the bike upside-down, so it depends on personal preference.

5. Hook the railing
Limited to the handlebars, the handlebars of bicycles have found a new purpose. Hooking on the railings may be more stable than leaning on them.

6. Support front and back together
It means that as long as you lean against the wall, you can stabilize it. It is also the easiest and most practical way.

7. Fall to the ground (put the side with the rear derailleur up)
Pay attention to the fact that the transmission is facing upwards. When parking, be careful not to let the rear transmission directly touch the supporting surface; this can reduce the damage to the transmission and affect the accuracy of shifting.

8. Two bicycles lean on each other
This requires technology, and it’s very easy to rely on. If you don’t rely on it well, the bike falls in minutes.

9. Use the road teeth to put the foot on it
This method is very cool and the most commonly used. The bicycle is standing on the side of the road, and you are standing next to the bicycle.
Finally, I would like to remind you that when you park your bicycle, you must protect it. Don’t let your bike bump into it. If you drop a piece of paint or something, you will feel very distressed.

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