How high should the saddle be set when riding?

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From an outsider’s perspective, frequent cyclists usually have a high seat, which is necessary for actual riding. Of course, this height may be an optical illusion.

The handlebars of road bikes are very low. If there are two bicycles with the same height seat, the lower handlebar will obviously give people the illusion of a higher seat.

The seat of ordinary riders looks relatively high, which is largely an optical illusion.

The saddle of the same professional rider looks taller, often because their handlebars are lower and the body is more compact. After all, the height of the saddle is determined according to the length of the rider’s legs. Two people with the same leg length have the same height of the saddle, and a bicycle with a lower handlebar will appear to have a taller saddle.

Bike Seat Height Matters

When your knee is bent, your leg is weaker, and when it’s almost straight, your leg is stronger.

A lower saddle lets you pedal with very bent knees, making it harder to ride at the same speed. And the taller saddle (within reason) keeps your legs in a stronger, more comfortable zone. Just like squatting, the further you squat, the more your legs bend and the more tired you will feel.

Locked shoes and pedals also affect the height of the saddle

The bike looks taller for a rider with clip-on shoes. Because the cleats of the lock shoes are often under the forefoot, they are connected to the lock pedals and fixed together. For casual riders, the position of the cleats of the lock shoes is generally a little further back, which also makes the saddle of the rider with the lock pedals look a little higher.

NOTE: For real riding, you should keep your forefoot over the center of the pedals, even if you’re not using cleats.

Set the correct seat height

There are various professional and advanced technologies that can do a complete simulation test for you and customize a fully fitting height (accurate to millimeters). As an ordinary person, it is completely unnecessary, a simple setting will do.

When you get on the bike, put the heel of your foot on the pedal and ride slowly. This is about the right height if your knees are fully straight and you have some pedaling strength on the pedals.

If your knees are still bent, raise the saddle to adjust.

If your heels aren’t working on the pedals, or you have to tilt your butt to keep pedaling, lower the saddle a little.

Many people worry that the seat of the bicycle is too high and the feet cannot touch the ground when parking, so when actually riding, if you want to stop, you can park on the curb on the side of the road, or leave the car to sit (you can stand after sitting for a long time) Relieve pressure on soft tissue) Standing parking is a safe and reliable parking method.

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