How long is the lifespan of a bicycle frame?

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So far, the lifespan of the bicycle frame is impossible to consider. If it is well protected, it is not impossible to go back to the mountain cave.

For metal frames, it is a hooligan to talk about the life of pipes without welding. Welding should be the most important issue for long-term riding of metal frames. There are two factors that affect welding quality. One is the quality control of manufacturers, and regular manufacturers must be extremely There is a high probability of showing good quality, and the other is the welder. After all, automatic welding is not so popular. Before your pipe is fatigued enough, there is a high probability that your solder joints are completely dead.

Carbon fiber is really difficult to discuss. There are too many manufacturers with manufacturing capabilities, which directly improve the quality of carbon fiber, such as trifox brand, and carbon road bike frames for sale. Speaking of life, one impact may end the life, and carbon fiber frames often cannot spend a lifetime carefully.

To sum up, no one can give an exact answer for the above material frames. Assuming that the welding situation is stable and the riding is not bumped, the titanium alloy will be voted for, and the dimensionality reduction blow from aerospace metal is also the only promise that can be made. Bike rack with a lifetime warranty.

One more thing to add, the aging of the frame is often accompanied by abnormal noise, and a certain position will definitely be the first to attack, pay attention to listening, so as not to stumble.

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