How to Assemble a Mountain Bike

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  1. Frame (aluminum frame, carbon frame, handlebar, stem);
  2. Kit (manual shift, front derailleur, rear derailleur, brake, crankset, crank, flywheel, chain);
  3. Wheel set (carbon knife, high frame, low frame, hub).
    And two other small things, the seat cushion and the pedal/lock pedal.
  4. Frame: The brand of road bikes is also the main brand of the frame. If you buy the frame separately, the frame includes the front fork + frame body, stem, seat tube, but does not include the handlebar, that is Below these two things, in addition to the stem and seat tube.

The frame is the main part of the car, accounting for about 1/3 of the price of the whole car. So the complete frame is like this.

If you only buy the frame, and then the car can be assembled, you need to have a handlebar, which is this thing:

Part 2. Kit
After talking about the frame, let’s talk about another important part of the car, the power kit, which includes:

Hand change: It is the handle shift/brake integrated component (the name I understand) is the following, and the function is to shift and brake.

The front derailleur, the function is to toggle the chain, so that the chain can be switched between the large plate and the small plate of the chainring

Rear derailleur: The function of the rear derailleur is also clear, that is to let the chain switch on the flywheel. The front and rear derailleurs can precisely locate the chain position and achieve precise shifting.

Crankset & Crank: This is the crankset and crank, the crankset is the two with teeth, and the crank is this handle. Road bikes will provide cranks of 165, 170, 172.5, 175 and other lengths to adapt to different heights and legs long users.

Flywheel: This is the one installed on the rear wheel. The current mainstream road car flywheels are 11-speed and the latest 12-speed, that is, 11 or 12.

The braking system is divided into rim brakes and disc brakes, and disc brakes are also divided into hydraulic disc brakes and wire-pull disc brakes. The braking effect can basically be understood as rim brakes < wire-pull disc brakes < hydraulic disc brakes. These are disc brakes, and they are hydraulic disc brakes.
Chain, yes, chain, this is also a very important link~~
The above is to list all the components in the kit

  1. Wheel set: After finishing the most complicated part of the kit, it’s time to come to the simple part~~ Wheel set! In fact, the wheel set is divided into three parts: rim, hub and tire. The tires are divided into ordinary inner and outer tires, as well as tubeless tubeless tires (same as car tires), while the hub is the thing that rotates in the middle of the wheel. The more durable hub is the Trifox hub.

Finally, recently there is a frame combination with high cost performance: the X18 of Trifox, which uses a full carbon fiber frame, the entire frame is fully routed inside, full carbon fiber, and the wheel set is also a carbon fiber wheel set.

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