How to be a good rider

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Becoming a better, healthier, and faster cyclist does not require self-torture. Riding should be a fun thing. As long as you set your goals and ride as planned, you can see progress.

We are not trying to create a brand new you, we just want you to get as much fun as possible from riding, the most important thing is to improve yourself. This is not difficult to achieve, as long as you listen to some simple suggestions and train according to the plan, you will soon see results.

1. Improve the average speed

In each ride, you can try to increase the speed to 2 kilometers per hour, of course, it all depends on the riding technique. As an efficient rider, knowing how to speed up will make you ride faster and save energy at the same time, so training in each ride is an important skill. You lose a lot of speed when you are cornering, but remember that the speed of entering the corner is not the most important thing, the important thing is the speed of crossing the corner. If there is an uphill after going downhill and you can foresee that it is safe, please do not rush to the brakes, otherwise, you will lose power and speed.

Finally, consider the riding posture. Wind resistance will make you unable to ride faster. Therefore, to ride faster, you need to hold the lower handle and lower the center of gravity to minimize the frontal contact of the wind.

2. Improve comfort

We will encounter some physical discomforts during riding, but there are many ways to avoid soreness. A bike fitting before buying a bike can help us correct our posture, effectively reduce physical discomfort, and reduce the chance of injury.
Maintain good regular stretching exercises between riding and after riding, which helps prevent pain caused by long-term bending and riding. When you stop the bike and do the stretching before returning to the bike, you will find it feels wonderful.

3. Let cycling into life

For every rider, finding more time to ride is no small challenge. This requires us to have the two abilities of creativity and thinking, which will help you participate more in cycling. Cycling to work is also a good choice. Even if you can’t ride the entire journey, you can only ride to the station (and then change to the subway), but the accumulated cycling can also give us enough training mileage.

4. Supplement nutrition in time

Running out of energy during cycling is definitely an unpleasant experience, but if you replenish nutrients before and during cycling, this embarrassment is easy to avoid. Sports nutrition does not necessarily mean eating expensive nutrients. Bananas, cereal bars, and jam sandwiches all contain large amounts of easily absorbed carbohydrates and are easy to carry and eat. If you plan to go out for a few hours of cycling, you should start eating after the first 30 minutes. Ingesting 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour is a good rule of thumb.

5. Long-distance riding

Riding a hundred kilometers is a difficult task, but if you are not in a hurry and eat well during the ride, everyone who rides can do it. Several steps can be taken: First, plan the route in advance with the wind direction and hills in mind; when you start riding, arrange the most difficult mountain route in front so that you can ride home downwind.

6. Fall in love with riding uphill

There are many reasons for you to fall in love with riding uphill, but there are still many cyclists who are unfriendly to riding uphill. Participating in riding uphill at ordinary times can actually make you healthier. Riding uphill in a planned and regular manner can increase your leg strength. At the same time, it can motivate you to work harder than usual and also promote your cardiovascular health. If you want to ride faster, don’t avoid riding uphill.

Cycling on the mountain can broaden your horizons, you can see the beautiful scenery at the top of the mountain, and you can enjoy the pleasure of speed when you go downhill. The more hills you ride, the more experience you will get. If time permits, you can try to challenge longer climbs, and you can try multiple times a year to see if you make progress with each ride.

7. Ride with friends

We often see a group of cyclists lined up and fast forward. They may pay more attention to riding speed and ignore communication. In fact, riding and chatting together, sharing riding experiences with each other makes it easier to get the favor of others. No one wants to stay at the end of the team, and you certainly don’t want to be pushed forward, so stay healthy, work hard, and ride happily with your friends.

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