How to Become a Riding Hill Climb Master-short slope training

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How to train for climbing short slopes some repetitive hill climbing

Find a hill that’s not too steep, and divide it into three distinct sections. Ideally, the first section has a suitable slope, of about 8-10%, then the middle section is slightly flatter, and the last section is the steepest, with a slope of about 10-12%. The length is preferably 2-3 minutes.

Start to climb the hill repeatedly 8 times, start timing at the bottom of the mountain, and stop at the top of the mountain. You can sprint at the starting point, then sit down and step on a slightly flat section of the road, leave the seat for the last section, and sprint to the top with all your strength.

Effectively recover until your breathing becomes normal, then start the next climb. Try to use the same amount of time for all 8 reps, and if you get too slow, stop the workout, cool down, and try again next week. Record the time of each climb, and also pay attention to the weather and wind direction, and you can compare seasons.

2.change your pace

On moderately steep long slopes, try changing pace exercises, start at a moderate pace, then mark 250 meters ahead of you and start sprinting off the saddle, doing your best (this is similar to running a farrek run ). Reach the marked point, return to a moderate pace, and repeat this many times until you reach the top of the hill.

3.practice brow sprint

You often see riders climb to the top of the hill, stop pedaling and go coasting before switching to the big ring, which is a complete waste of time. Try practicing brow sprints. When you reach the top, you immediately cut to the big plate and start sprinting, so that you can reach full speed on the downhill. (brow refers to eyebrows, like a curve from uphill to downhill)

It’s a very good attacking position in a race because you’ll notice most of the drivers are coasting and you can open up the gap quickly and you’ll be far out when the others are hesitating.

Even in the TT, we can see riders coasting in the brow position, which loses precious seconds, don’t hesitate to cut to the market and start charging.

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