How to calculate the length of the chainstay?

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Chainstay length is measured from the center of the front sprocket (centered on the bottom bracket spindle) to the center of the rear gear (centered on the rear axle). The longer chainstays stabilize the bike’s handling. Some bikes have longer chainstays, while many race bikes (especially on the track) have shorter chainstays.

Chainstay length is usually measured directly from point to point, but can also be measured horizontally (parallel to the ground), which will give a slightly shorter value. If possible, check the geometry diagram to see how it is defined. Unlike frames with vertical chainstays, frames with horizontal or adjustable chainstays have variable chainstay lengths. In the former case, the manufacturer may state that the chainstay length is measured in the middle of the adjustment range.

There are formulas for calculating chain length, based on chain fork length and gear size, for online chain length calculators.

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