How to choose a bicycle helmet correctly?

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The function of bicycle helmets to protect the lives of cyclists is beyond doubt. According to the report of the American Highway Safety Insurance Research: 98% of the deaths from cycling in the United States in 1999 did not wear a helmet, and those wearing helmets in collision accidents reduced their risk of serious head injuries by 85%. Not only does the helmet feel cool, but it’s also really cool, at the same time, the ventilation holes on the helmet can make the head feel cooler. As an old saying goes, a clear head is easier to win the game.

Carbon Fiber Road Bike Frame MFM200 with Helmet

The principle of helmet protection for the head is that the person wearing the helmet can make the hit head stop relatively slowly. If the person without the helmet hits the head on the ground, the brain will swell and cause hemorrhage. The convergent spherical shape in the helmet Objects can absorb the impact and avoid these unfortunate events.

Choosing a helmet that suits you can make you more handsome. What is suitable for you? Take the helmet with the rim of your forehead at the center of your forehead. The helmet will not circle around your head, and will not move around The shaking will not have the feeling of clamping, but it will protect your head easily and naturally. Naturally, the breathability cannot be ignored. The more pores, the better the breathability, but under the premise of ensuring safety, this is not a consistent rule, because some helmets do not have many vents, but the air permeability can be achieved in the design.

Helmets are the first equipment to ensure human safety, so the helmets of regular manufacturers will have corresponding standard certification marks, such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or Snell Foundation, and there is usually some international, national or regional authoritative certification agencies Certification mark.

It’s right to choose a lightweight, sturdy, and breathable helmet. It has large vents and good ventilation. It has an alloy frame inside and is reliable in strength. It has a COOLMAX lining and is comfortable to wear. Some helmets have insect-proof nets on the front. , Is a very considerate design.

[Texture] Helmets are generally made of foamed materials (ordinary or high-density, the difference between the two is its anti-collision effect) and has a smooth shell surface;
[Weight] The thing that presses on the head should not be too heavy, which is why the riding helmet does not use alloy materials;
[Inner lining] is the part of the helmet that is in contact with the head. It can improve the wearing comfort at ordinary times and produce a cushioning effect when the head is hit. A well-made helmet has a large inner lining coverage, better texture, and a stronger bond with the inside of the helmet;
[Wearing Comfort] It is mainly due to the personal feeling of weight, lining, straps, and head circumference. Wearing a comfortable helmet can greatly reduce the pressure on the rider’s head and neck and maximize the impact on the rider. Improve the protection effect;
[Breathability] The long-term airtight state of the head will have a bad effect on the scalp and make the rider feel uncomfortable. Therefore, a good helmet has more holes or a larger hole area, which is to improve the breathability;
[Wind resistance effect] The helmet puts the human hair in the helmet, which reduces the wind resistance of the head. For those who are keen to increase speed, the influence of the helmet shape on the wind resistance is also worthy of attention.
[Types of bicycle helmets]: Half helmet bicycle helmets are divided into road-specific (no brim), road bike and mountain bike dual-use (with detachable brim), etc. Some friends also use helmets similar to those used for baseball or roller skating. Full-face riding helmets are similar in shape to motorcycle helmets and are generally used by speed or climbing bike enthusiasts.

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