How to Improve Your Cycling Endurance 2

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Anyone who has a little knowledge of cycling fitness training has heard the word “basic mileage”. How to practice basic training and how much basic mileage is enough? Of course, the number of base miles required will vary for different people. Here are six key points that will make your basic training more effective.

Endurance riding frequency: once every 7-10 days

For most people, endurance training frequency doesn’t need to be too high, but it can’t be forgotten.

Multiple studies have shown that a single long-distance endurance ride can increase plasma ion and medium-chain fatty acid concentrations for up to a week. (It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, you just need to remember to do simple endurance training about once a week)

two hours is not enough

The appropriate time for endurance training varies for different levels of riders, but studies have shown that two hours is not enough even for people who have not trained much.

keep the intensity low

Long-term low-intensity training will produce more slow-twitch fibers, and the average rider needs to keep the blood lactate value below 2 mmol.

In layman’s terms, it is at 60-75% of the maximum heart rate, and riders who use a power meter can train in a more precise power range.

training the aerobic system

Aerobic training can provide a foundation on which other training can rely. Without adequate preparation in this area, the duration of your optimal physical condition will be shortened, and the recovery will be slower.

These adaptations take longer to develop than aerobic training. This adaptation process takes longer than an anaerobic system, so use the time early in your training to build endurance, strength, and leg speed.

maintain fatigue

If the rider is tired enough, the fast-twitch fibers will increase. When glycogen is depleted, it allows your muscles to start using fat for fuel. Riders need consistent output and avoid high-intensity work during endurance training (if pure endurance is your goal).

Keep training all year round

Six high-intensity training sessions are enough to improve a rider, but long-distance riding requires a lot of accumulation to bring benefits, which is why it is difficult to study the benefits of long-distance riding. It also means that you need to be able to ride long distances throughout the year.

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