How to install the headset

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1 Fork lower part
1. Take a corresponding fork crown-race, and adjust the direction, put the front fork with the inclined surface facing up and the flat surface down, as shown in picture 1.
2. Take a downshift tool base and put it on the front fork with downshifting, as shown in Figure 2
3. Put in the sleeve and hit the tool base hard until the crown race is in place

2. Fork Sun flower (Star-nut) Part
Choose the corresponding expansion flower and sun flower according to the corresponding front fork
1. In the case of carbon fiber front forks, the expansion screw is generally used, loosen the expansion screw until it can be put into the front fork riser, as shown in picture 1; then use a 6mm wrench to tighten the screw, as shown in picture 2.

2. Take a sun flower corresponding to the riser and screw it into the thread of the tool, as shown in picture 3.
3. Put the tool into the steerer tube, pay attention to vertical, as shown in picture 4.

4. Hit the top of the tool with a hammer until the sun flower sinks to about 15mm from the steerer tube, as shown in pictures 5 and picture 6.

3. Head tube part
1. To load the upper and lower bowls, you need to use a bowling tool,

first, put the upper bowl into the headset tool, pay attention to the direction of the bowl, and then insert the upper bowl into the head tube of the frame, as shown in picture 2, picture 3, and picture 4.

2. When inserting the lower bowl, please pay attention that the mouth of the lower bowl is downward, and insert the lower bearing of the assembly tool into the spindle screw of the tool and clamp the stopper at the same time, as shown in the picture 5 and picture 6.

3. Rotate the handle clockwise and observe whether the upper and lower bowls are flat. Since the pressure required to press the bowl is relatively large, it is best to have two people operate at the same time. One person uses an open-end wrench or an 8mm diameter iron rod to fix the wrench position under the spindle, and one hand Rotate the handle vigorously until the upper and lower bowls are pressed in place and flattened as shown in Picture 7.

4. Front fork and head tube assembly
Front fork and frame assembly
1. Install the front fork with the crown-race and Sun flower into the frame, as shown in picture 1.

2. Put in the upper bearing, pay attention to the direction of the bearing, the inclined direction is downward, as shown in picture 2.
3. Put in the top cover of the headset. Note: Generally, the bell mouth is downward. As shown in picture 3.

4. Add spacers and add corresponding spacers according to personal height and preference, as shown in picture 4.
5. Install the stem, note: The general requirement is that the stem should be 3-5mm higher than the fork riser, as shown in picture 5.

6. Finally, install the top cap and tighten the screws with a 6mm wrench, as shown in picture 6 and picture 7.

7. Adjust the angle and tighten the pre-load bolt, as shown in picture 8 and picture 9.

Front fork inspection and headset disassembly

Self-inspection of front fork

1. First, hit the front fork shock absorber to the locked position.
2. Hold the front brake with your right hand and push forward and backward, feeling the front of the bike:
A. No looseness: It means that the headset has no wear and tear, and the front fork is in good contact with the frame.
B. There is a sense of loose clearance: it means that the headset is worn out and needs to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.
3. Daily maintenance:
A. After cycling for a period of time, clean up the moving parts of the bike and apply butter.
B. After the vehicle is cycling, clean and wipe the entire bicycle in time.
C. Perform necessary checks such as brakes, tire pressure, etc. before each trip.

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