How to judge whether it is time to change the cycling helmet?

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Mountain biking is always full of many unknowns. A crash is inevitable. The helmet can absorb the shock generated by the impact to reduce the chance of head injury. As time goes by, the helmet needs to be replaced after a certain number of years. Ensure that the helmet protection performance is in the best condition. So, how to judge whether the helmet needs to be replaced, let me tell you below.

First, check whether the helmet’s appearance is broken, scratched, or bumpy due to the impact. If there are obvious cracks in the appearance, it proves that you can give yourself an excuse to upgrade the equipment.

In addition to determining the wearing comfort, the helmet fixing device also has the function of fixing the helmet from shaking, making it more fit the back of the user’s head, increasing safety and stability. Therefore, if a helmet fixing device is loose, broken, or worn, it means that the helmet has lost the most basic protective function and needs to be replaced in time.

After the helmet is impacted by the outside world, it will break and deform to absorb the shock. You can check whether there is a gap and separation between the inner edge of the helmet and the EPS foam as a basis for replacement.

These stress positions of the bonnet buckle will cause the gum to become brittle and fracture due to long-term use or exposure to the sun. Regular inspections are required.

In addition to the fixing mechanism on the back of the head, the loosening of the fixing straps on both sides of the temple is also a sign that it needs to be replaced.

After a long period of use, the helmet liner will gradually become thinner and damaged and need to be replaced in time, otherwise, it will affect the wearing comfort. Since many brand helmets are not equipped with an extra liner for replacement, it also means that the helmet liner becomes worn out. Wearing your helmet is not far from retirement.

The “Y”-shaped buckle design of helmets on the market is divided into two types: preset type and movable type. Like the preset type buckle in the picture, the manufacturer has preset the length of the buckle during product design. No need to adjust when wearing. The location of these fasteners also needs to be checked frequently for breaks or looseness. If the above phenomenon occurs, it also proves that the helmet has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced.

As the most important personal equipment, helmets should be visually inspected before each ride to discover problems in time. Only a fully functional helmet can provide maximum protection. Don’t forget to wear a helmet that protects your head before cycling, remember! A cycling helmet is not as expensive as brain surgery.

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