How to maintain the bicycle chain?

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Regarding the service life and maintenance of the chain, I believe many cyclists will have questions, so we have compiled a simple Q&A to teach you how to judge the life of the chain and how to maintain it in normal times. Let’s take a look.

Q: How often should I change my chain?

A: Take the Shimano 10/11 speed chain as an example. The original manufacturer recommends replacing the chain every two to three thousand kilometers. If the chain is still not stretched after this mileage, it is recommended to check it with a chain gauge every month thereafter. It can be replaced after stretching over 0.5mm.

Q: If you don’t want to change the chain so frequently, can it be used up to 10,000 kilometers?

A: Of course, the chain is not so unbearable, but if you continue to use it after exceeding the recommended mileage, it may cause the flywheel to accelerate wear and reduce the speed change performance.

If you change the chain every two to three thousand kilometers, you can also extend the life of the flywheel. Almost all the original flywheels can be used for 10,000 kilometers and then eliminated. However, if a chain is used for six to seven thousand kilometers and then replaced, it may be As a result, the flywheel is excessively worn. At this time, even if the chain is replaced with a new chain, the flywheel may not be able to bite the chain and cause the chain to skip teeth.

Q: How do I usually maintain the chain?

A: If you don’t often ride in a humid and muddy environment, you can generally use dry chain oil, oiling every two to three hundred kilometers, and make sure that every chain is lubricated. After oiling, remember to Wipe off excessive chain oil.

If you must often ride in the rain or muddy environment, it is recommended to use wet chain oil. Because wet chain oil is more likely to be contaminated with dust and dust, it is recommended to clean the chain before oiling it every time to be effective. Let the chain oil lubricate to the chain, and the frequency of oiling can be compared with dry chain oil.

Q: Can I use WD-40 lubricant instead of chain oil?

A: WD-40 is used for rust removal, and only 15% of the ingredients are mineral oil for lubrication. Besides that, it does not have any lubrication function, which is of no real help to the chain that needs to operate for a long time.

But now WD-40 also has special maintenance products for bicycles, which also contain chain oil, so don’t use WD-40 to lubricate your chain.

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