How to Make MTB Forks as Fierce as Cheetah

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A great MTB Fork can help you stay at a high speed of cycling like a cheetah, to keep safe riding, learning more about the knowledge about fork is essential.

Carbon MTB Fork QMK100

1. Travel
In modern times, the track is getting rougher, which means the bike has to keep evolving.
The latest MTB feature a looser head tube angle for more confidence on the descents, and more and more bikes come with slightly longer-travel 120mm forks.

As longer forks become more common on the best MTB forks, 28mm stanchions remain their weight of choice.

2. Spacing
Thru-axles provide a stronger connection between the fork legs and the hub and are now considered standard on almost all levels of mountain bikes.

Boost allows for a wider spoke support angle, so the wheel is stiffer with little weight loss. Wider hub spacing has been around long enough that most bikes, except those at the bottom of the pricing range, will use the boost standard.

3. Adjustability
Having a retractable suspension fork is certainly best.
MTB forks should have an air spring, as they offer more adjustability, not only with air pressure to adjust the sag but also with volume spacers to adjust the fork’s slope through the stroke.

Carbon MTB Fork TMK100

The Best MTB Fork: What You Need to Know

Even the most affordable forks offer rebound adjustment, which is how fast the fork springs back after compression.
Rebound is often described as a click because the adjustment knob makes a sound when it is turned.
Higher-end forks will have more adjustability, allowing for precise adjustments.
Finally, we do compression tuning and locking.

Most MTB forks allow some degree of compression adjustment or the rate at which the fork is compressed under force.

More expensive forks will split this adjustment into high-speed compression and low-speed compression.
Low-speed compression helps the fork support your weight against gravity, such as when you’re standing up pedaling or riding over rollers or berms, but it can come at the cost of small bump sensitivity.
High-speed compression is a reaction to a sudden impact, such as hitting a rock or slipping from a fall.

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