How to make your cycle easier? Try to adjust the saddle.

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A.the question: is it left front or left rear in cycling?

Many riding beginners, tend to choose to sit in the back half, they think this is more stable, in fact, this is not conducive to power. On a flat road, a smart rider will tend to choose to sit in the middle of the seat, so that the seat is flat to support the upper body when it only plays a role in supporting the body balance. When going uphill, you can sit at the front of the seat according to your personal habits; when going downhill, you can try to sit behind the seat, or even keep your hips away from the seat and move back to the top of the rear wheel to avoid front planting, so as to ensure maximum safety.

B.the key: the angle or level degree?

In order to ride more stable, it is necessary to make sure that the seat is stable, the higher the seat, the flatter the angle; the lower the seat, the more warped the angle. Secondly, the saddle also has to match the body.

C.the problem: the location of the installed seat

If the frame is larger, then put the car a little higher, you can also put the seat a little forward, which will change the pedal force application position, which does not mean that it is the best position to apply force. This time here the setting should be suitable for the skeletal movement of the pedal rotation speed, to produce the necessary output power to adapt to a certain speed, so that the maximum output of the muscle is in the best pedal force application position, so as to maximize the efficiency of the use of muscle movement.

D.the necessity: the proper rest or continuous riding?

We all know that the process of riding process, will trigger a lot of physiological discomforts, so the appropriate message is very important. After 60 minutes of riding, you should get off and rest in time to make your body and mind relax.

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