How to reduce the chance of a bicycle tire blowout during cycling

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99% of cyclists have experienced a puncture halfway through. Especially in the long-distance bicycle cycling, the tire puncture problem is encountered in a place where is the middle of nowhere It is conceivable to feel depressed.

Long-distance cycling experience, let me sum up some experience. It’s best not to ride alone, you must bring a spare tire when you start, and you must master some tire repair skills and bring tire repair tools. There is no spare tire, no repair tools, no companions, and there is a tire blowout problem in a wilderness. At that time, I can only pray to meet passer to save you.

At the same time, I also summed up some experience in preventing tire blowouts during cycling.

First, you can cut the unnecessary inner tube broken belly pad between the inner and outer tires, cut off the discarded inner tube air nozzle, and then cut it from the inner ring along with the tire. Note that it is not shear the tire! The principle is that use the old tires pack new tires to increase the thickness of our tires, which can increase the strength of the tires! After cutting it, wrap the old tire on the new tire and put it in again, wrapping all the parts in contact with the ground.

Second, clean the tires in time, and check whether iron nails, glass slag, and other debris are stuck on the tires. Because if this debris remains on the tire, it will cause continuous tire bursts.

Third, you can avoid the glass slag on the road. If you can’t avoid it, press it over, don’t pinch the brake.

Fourth, the tires must be fully inflated, but not too full. If you have an air cylinder with a barometer, please hit it close to the air pressure number marked on the tire. If there is no barometer, feel it with your fingers. Generally speaking, road bikes have to be hit until the tires cannot be pinched completely with fingers. The mountain bike can be squeezed until it is hit, but it is very, very hard. The benefits of high tire pressure are obvious. The tires are hard, many sharp stones, broken glass and the like will be bounced away after being hit, and cannot be inserted. Greatly reduces the chance of being pierced.

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