How to ride a bicycle to keep fit and avoid sports injuries

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How to ride a bicycle to exercise

1. Freecycling method: unlimited time and intensity. The main purpose is to relax muscles and deepen breathing, so as to relieve physical and mental fatigue caused by life and work pressure.

2. Intensity cycling method: One is to set the cycling rate each time, and the other is to set your own pulse intensity to control the cycling speed. This kind of cycling method can effectively exercise the human cardiovascular system.

3. Intermittent cycling method: The specific method is to alternate fast and slow cycling. Ride slowly for a few minutes, then fast for a few minutes, and cycle several times, which can also effectively exercise people’s cardiopulmonary function.

4. Strength cycling method: Ride hard according to different conditions, such as up and downhill, not only can effectively improve the strength or endurance of the legs, but also prevent the occurrence of thigh bone diseases.

5. Aerobic cycling method: It is mainly used for cycling at a medium speed. Generally, it takes about 30 minutes to ride. When using this method, you should pay attention to deepening your breathing, which is also very good for improving your cardiopulmonary function. Aerobic exercise is not strictly in the heart rate aerobic exercise zone. It is also a kind of rest that is lower than the minimum aerobic heart rate.

How to avoid sports injuries

1. Damage to the cervical and lumbar spine

The symptoms of this type of injury are mainly pain.

Shoulder pain. The main cause of the pain in this area is that the upper tube of the car is relatively long and the handlebar is relatively low. The result is that the upper limbs support the body beyond the range that the muscle load can withstand. The solution can be to reduce the height difference between the handlebar and the seat by raising the handlebar height and adjusting the combination of the upper tube and the handlebar.

Neck pain. This phenomenon often occurs at the same time as shoulder pain. The solution is the same as above. In addition, it is best to develop a certain habit during cycling, that is, to look at the road ahead. You can first look at the place far ahead, observe the road conditions, obstacles, pedestrians, etc. if there are crossroads, and if there is any need to avoid For pedestrians or obstacles, refer to these conditions to determine whether to slow down. Then we need to observe the nearer road information. By changing the viewing angle from time to time, the damage to the cervical and lumbar spine caused by the long-term rigid posture can be avoided.

Backache. This is often caused by the body being straighter when cycling because more power will increase the burden on the waist and cause waist fatigue. To solve this problem, it is necessary to move the body’s center of gravity forward in time, lower the angle of the upper body, and let the arms bear more bodyweight so that the pressure on the waist can be reduced.

2. Damage to the knee joint

The symptoms of this type of injury are also pain, mainly pain in the upper part of the knee and pain in the back of the knee.

The upper part of the knee hurts. It usually occurs when the amount of exercise is relatively large, which is often referred to as muscle fatigue. In fact, this kind of pain is also a signal sent by muscles to the human body, and it is a method for the body to protect itself. To solve this kind of problem, you can try to use more small gear ratios to increase the pedal frequency.

The upper knee pain is sometimes caused by the short distance from the seat bag to the pedals. If this distance is too short, the legs will be in a state of fatigue throughout multiple pedaling cycles. The correct adjustment of the distance from the seat bag to the pedals should be when you sit on the seat bag when you are barefoot, with your legs straight, your heels can just touch the pedals, and your buttocks will not twist left and right because your feet cannot reach the pedals.

The back of the knee hurts. It is often caused by the height of the seat bag being too high. In severe cases, it can also cause ligament strains on the back of the leg. It is usually adjusted by lowering the height of the seat bag. It may also be caused by the fact that you have not been cycling for a long time and you suddenly ride with a large amount of exercise and your body cannot adapt to it.

3. Injury to the upper limbs

This type of injury is mainly caused by the pressure of the upper limbs for a long time. If the movement of the arm does not change much within a certain period of time, the blood circulation of the upper limbs will be relatively reduced, which is of course unfavorable for the body. Therefore, it is necessary to do more activities to strengthen upper limb exercises, such as playing basketball, table tennis, badminton, etc., outside of cycling. When cycling for a long time, you should choose to get off the bike every two hours or so to promote blood circulation in various parts of the body, just like the solution for shoulder and waist fatigue mentioned above.

4. Impact on male physiology

For male riders, what is most likely to cause them to worry is whether long-term cycling will affect the prostate. This worry is not unreasonable, because if the local compression for a long time during cycling causes local blood circulation disorders, it will indeed cause diseases. Therefore, you must pay special attention during cycling. It is best to take a rest after cycling for a period of time. Experts suggest that it is best to take an hour or two. If you ride for a long time, you should raise your buttocks frequently to allow blood to circulate and relieve the pressure on the body. Secondly, the angle of the seat cushion will also affect parts of the body.

Usually, during a short period of competition, athletes will adjust the seat cushion to be slightly upward, which helps the athletes to exert strength in a short time. But this kind of adjustment will put a lot of pressure on the perineum, so this method is not suitable for long-term cycling. And in cycling, special cycling pants also play an important role.

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