How to ride an electric mountain bike correctly?

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Electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular in today’s bicycle circles. In European and American countries, the field of electric-assisted mountain bikes has reached a relatively mature stage after a period of development. More and more cyclists are showing interest in electric-assisted mountain bikes, so how do we ride electric-powered mountain bikes correctly? What are the techniques for cycling electric mountain bikes?

1. Maintain a higher cadence

Compared with non-assisted mountain bikes, the biggest advantage of electric-assisted mountain bikes is the powerful torque they provide us when climbing hills. When the cyclists’ cadence is faster, the motor torque of the auxiliary pedal will also increase. For a cyclist who rides a non-assisted mountain bike with a cadence of 30-40, he is cycling an electric-assisted mountain bike You need to increase the cadence to 50-60. Faster cadence can make the output of the motor more efficient (also save power and extend battery life), but also allow cyclists to enjoy a more natural and supple boosting experience.

2. Beware of the impact on the pedals

When the pedaling frequency becomes faster, the chances of tree trunks, stones, and ruts hitting the pedals are higher. Therefore, cyclists need to be more careful when choosing a route, and at the same time, it is best to keep their feet as level as possible when passing some complicated roads.
At the same time, in order to prevent the pedals from being hit by these obstacles, many electric-assisted mountain bike manufacturers have also equipped these models with shorter cranks. Although cycling this short-crank electric moped at high cadence at the beginning will give you a sense of sight of cycling a stroller or BMX, it feels good after you get used to it.

3. The most high-end intelligent use

The highest gear of the motor is undoubtedly the fastest gear that consumes battery power. Therefore, we should choose the output gear wisely according to the slope when cycling an electric-assisted mountain bike. Most cyclists will only be at the steepest part of the forest road. Use the highest grade.
But using the highest grade at the steepest place may make the whole bike suddenly look up, and then you get a chance to backflip with the whole bike… Therefore, in order to avoid this kind of accident, cyclists should experience it carefully The dynamic performance of different gears at different slopes, find the most suitable gear match; at the same time, you must lean forward when climbing to maintain the front grip as much as possible.

4. Multiple predictions, early braking

Electric-assisted mountain bikes equipped with motors and batteries are heavier and faster than ordinary non-assisted models. This requires cyclists to brake earlier before turning; at the same time, the assistance of electric motors also allows cyclists to turn when turning. The speed is faster, so we also need to pay more attention to maintaining grip when turning.
Since the assistance of the motor stops when the cyclists stop pedaling, cyclists need to predict that they will need to maintain there, speed up, and keep pedaling at all times to avoid stopping on steep slopes and sliding off the side slopes. The dilemma happened.

5. Improve ground control technology

Electric-assisted mountain bikes are heavier than non-assisted models. Therefore, these bicycles may not be able to jump in front of obstacles that non-assisted bicycles can skip in the past, and can only “hard fall”. At the same time, electric-assisted mountain bikes will fall faster when jumping up, so this requires cyclists to have better ground control technology.
At the same time, the heavier overall weight also makes electric-assisted mountain bikes stronger grip when cycling. In places where non-assisted mountain bikes may slip, electric-assisted mountain bikes can often hold the ground firmly.

6. Be a friendly electric biker

Although electric-assisted models are becoming more and more popular in the bicycle circle, there are still many cyclists who believe that electric-assisted models are “heretics” and that these bicycles should be “motorcycles” rather than bicycles.
Therefore, when cycling electric-assisted mountain bikes, cyclists should pay attention to whether the local forest road is open to electric-assisted mountain bikes, and don’t show off their motors too much when following with cyclists of different models on the same forest road. Performance, keep a friendly distance between bicycles. At the same time, taking the time to volunteer to maintain the forest roads that you often ride is also a good way to maintain a good relationship between cyclists.

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