How to safely ride a bicycle with both hands off the handlebars

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Do you remember when you first learned to ride a bike as a child? Let go of both hands and exclaimed excitedly: “Dad/Mom, see I can ride a bike without using both hands!” This seems to be a necessary process for everyone to learn to ride a bike, and it is more like a child proving to his parents that he has grown up. Time flies and many years have passed. After we grow up, we don’t seem to have the courage of “newborn calves are not afraid of tigers” “The more wit, the less courage”. Riding a bicycle with both hands off seemed to be a very bullish thing.

Now, whether it is opening an energy bar or putting on a jacket when it rains, being able to leave the handlebar with both hands to complete these actions on a bicycle is a valuable skill.

So how can you safely ride a bicycle with your hands off the handlebars? (Note: Riding a bicycle is risky. It is not recommended to ride with the handlebars off for a long time or to show off your skills. This article is only for the convenience of cyclists replenishing the bicycle. )

1. Put your body’s center of gravity on the saddle

Tilt your pelvis back so that your center of gravity will be further back.

2. The core muscles strength

Strong core muscles can help you maintain balance when you leave the handlebar with your both hands.

3. Look forward, don’t stare at your hands

Looking ahead, if you stare at your hands, you will lose your balance, and you will lose sight of the road, causing you to crash and other consequences.

4. Can’t stop pedaling

Keep your feet pedaling continuously to help balance. If you don’t move, you can easily lose your balance.

5. Leave the handlebar with one hand first, then leave with the other hand

As prompted by the above precautions, first let go of one hand, and then let go of the other hand. You can first practice drinking water with one hand for replenishment while cycling.

6. In the case of leaving the handle with both hands, make sure that both hands are closer to the handle

Once you get used to one-handed cycling, when you start to try to leave the handlebars with both hands, make sure your hands are closer to the handlebars in order to react in time.

7. Build self-confidence

You want to leave the handlebars with both hands while cycling, which requires a lot of practice to build confidence. Don’t try to add more complex handlebar manipulation training (such as putting on and taking off a jacket on the bike) before you can really leave the handlebars with both hands steadily.

8. Use core muscle and hip strength to balance and control the direction

You can use your hips to control the riding direction. This is a very interesting exercise. Once you are used to it, you can leave the handlebars with both hands while cycling.

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