In a day, when is the best time for cycling?

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In the morning, at noon, or at night, when would you choose to exercise? Of course, your exercise time is limited by your work and study.

However, if you can choose arbitrarily, is there an optimal exercise time? Experts say: Yes. But this time depends to a large extent on yourself.

In recent years, scientists have been constantly exploring the relationship between the biological clock and exercise, in order to find a time that can consume the most fat every day.

It turns out that changes in body temperature will affect the quality and effect of exercise to the greatest extent. In other words, when you exercise, the higher your body temperature, the better the effect of your exercise.

Usually, the body temperature is the lowest within 1 to 3 hours before waking up, and it will rise to the highest in the afternoon. Therefore, it can be said with certainty that the best time for exercise is in the afternoon. During this time, your muscles are warm, full of energy, steady heart rate, and have low blood pressure.

But scientists also warn that don’t think that the law of the biological clock determines everything. The best time for your exercise depends on whether you can do it on time. To arrange the time in a time that will not affect normal work, and don’t always think about the body’s biological clock.

Before deciding when to exercise, you’d better ask yourself two questions.

First, what is your work and rest time? Are you busy in the afternoon or evening? Is morning exercise more suitable for you? Or, is it necessary for you to adjust your morning, afternoon, or evening exercise?

Second, when do you feel your best? Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? Are you the kind of procrastinator? In that case, you will definitely be ranked last for exercise.

You may think that you are more active in the morning, you are in the best state and you are willing to exercise in the morning, but have you ever thought that you still have a whole day to do and you still need more energy to deal with the day’s affairs.

But ironically, early morning exercise has one of the biggest advantages over afternoon exercise: it is easier for people to persevere. Because at this time, there will be no scheduling conflicts in exercise, and people will not be distracted by other things. Perseverance is a very important factor in exercise.

However, no matter what time you choose, follow the suggestions below to make your exercise more effective and more fun.

Exercise in the morning:

1. Put away the clothes for the next day at night. When the alarm goes off, you can jump up directly instead of looking for clothes and shoes everywhere.

2. Set up two alarm clocks, one by the bed and one in the room, which can prevent you from being lazy.

3. Find a partner. Usually, it’s fun to work out with a partner, so why not add this to your exercise plan? When you want to be lazy or give up, your partner will remind you and urge you to persevere.

Exercise in the afternoon or evening:

1. Determine the exercise time and stick to it. Don’t let other things distract you and give up exercise. Try your best to schedule the time for Sunday night. If you have any small adjustments, you can, but it must not affect the achievement of your goals.

2. If you exercise outdoors, pay attention to safety. Prevent heatstroke and dehydration in summer. Drink plenty of water.

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