Introduction to Road Bike Parts – Frameset

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Here’s a picture of a road bike.

Before introducing the parts of the bicycle frame, let’s take a look at a picture:

There are roughly such things on the whole vehicle: Frame, Front Fork, Wheelset, Seat cushion, Handlebar, etc.

Whether it is a self-assembled vehicle or a brand-name vehicle, the first part to choose/focus on should be the frameset!

What frame you use represents what you are riding.

Since road cars pursue higher transmission efficiency, they are basically without shock absorbers. Therefore, most of the frame + front fork (frameset) are sold in bundles. Some frames also use odd-shaped (non-circular) Seatposts, as well as accessories such as seat posts.

What’s the frame? In general, almost all parts of the bike are mounted on the frame. Let’s start with the front fork of the frameset, after all, it’s a bit simpler…

There is also a front fork in front of the frame, which is connected to the frame by a part called a “Headset” to provide a steering mechanism.

↑Looking at the front fork from another angle, the front fork has several parts: the top tube, the fork shoulder, and the fork foot. The top tube is used to install the handlebars and other parts, the fork shoulder is basically meaningless on a road bike, and the fork foot part is used to fix the front wheel.

Most of the parts will be installed in the frame part, the soul of the whole car mainly lies in the frame.

Then there is the frame part, which mainly consists of the following parts:
Headtube, Top tube, Down tube, Seat tube, Seat stay, Chainstay, Bottom bracket.
These are all marked in the figure and also rear fork feet for mounting the rear wheel, as well as tail hooks for mounting the derailleur and front derailleur mounts.

↑The bottom bracket part of the frame can be said to be the strongest part of the vehicle.

In the center of the picture, there is a metal part that is fixed by two screws and protrudes. This is the front fork hanger/mount.

In the chainstay part, the side with the paper tape is attached to the tail hook. When buying a road frameset, in addition to the frame and front bike, you will generally have a seatpost, seatpost clip, spare rear hanger, headset, washers, cable mounts, and a range of small accessories.

Note: If you purchased a frameset, be sure to read the manual to double-check that all accessories are complete.

In addition, 700C AERO Carbon Road Bike Frameset X8TA adopts carbon fiber integrated molding process, three-dimensional guide type integrated aero pipe type, internal routing aerodynamic propel design, full sense of strength, the combination of sports and equipment aesthetics, and the special processing method of carbon fiber makes the frame without Joint gaps, with consistent visual aesthetics that other frame materials don’t have.

The internal routing design, the wiring from the upper tube of the frame head, is simple and beautiful.

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