Is the bicycle hub louder the better?

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I don’t know if you have any experience like this, that is, the riders around you are pursuing a very loud hub. For example, the pursuit of a lot of 120-sound hubs does not mean that the louder the hubs, the better.

The sound produced by the hub is when the ratchet teeth and the spring in the hub are pushed when riding idling, so the relevant sound is produced. Many riders are constantly pursuing a very loud hub, in fact, it is really unnecessary.

Because the number of hubs is related to the strength of the springs inside the hubs. It’s not that a 30-ring hub is less sound than a 120-ring hub. This is not the case. The sound of the hub is mainly related to the strength of the spring inside the hub, and the sound has little to do with the sound.

The greater the force of the spring, the louder the hub will be, not just the size of the spring force. Also, the size of the hub sound is related to the grease inside the hub. The less grease, the louder the hub noise.

So, when you feel your hub sound becomes louder. Don’t doubt it, it’s the hub that reminds you that the internal maintenance of the relevant hub is needed. Only when the grease is reduced, the sound of the hub becomes louder.

Many riders will be misled, that is, the 120-ring hubs on the market are very loud and loud. As long as the number of sounds of the hub is greater, the performance of the hub is better. In fact, this is not the case. The fact is the opposite.

The greater the number of the sound of hubs, the greater the number of ratchet strikes. Over time, the performance of the hub will be weakened. The volume of the hub does not affect the sound volume of the hub, but the density of the hub sound.

As mentioned above, if you want to make the hub sound louder. The main purpose is to keep the beat frequency of the hub ratchets unchanged and reduce the grease inside the hub to achieve the effect of increasing the sound. There is no need to buy a 120-ring hub at all, but this will increase the wear of the hub, which is not good for the hub.

Also, it’s not that the more grease in the hub, the better. If there is too much grease, it will increase the internal resistance of the hub, which will also affect the performance of the hub. I hope that when choosing a hub, riders will consider not the sound of the hub, but the performance of the hub.

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