It’s luxurious, but this Trifox vehicle is much more than that.

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Highlights: Lightweight and good trail performance, attractive styling, nice shock handling.

Ultra-light frame with high-performance accessories carbon bicycle frame.

As the top model, the frame material uses Trifox’s own ultra-light Carbon series carbon fiber, which is 215 grams lighter than the normal version, and the frame weighs only 1020 grams.cycle frameset.

Active and fast riding experience,

Acceleration, deceleration and steering will be more agile. Sometimes a mountain bike that is too lightweight will not easily maintain the direction of travel on bumpy roads.

When you hit the pedals, you feel the impetus that you can’t wait to rush forward. Although I felt the frame’s ability to filter out road vibrations in my testing, that doesn’t mean the frame will have any drag on the corners – in fact the frame is quick and easy in the corners. It is sensitive and brings a lot of exciting riding experience to the rider. Aggressive frame geometry and smart suspension help when you’re climbing.

Behind the agile riding experience of this frame is a suspension system that cannot be ignored. This system can always find the best balance between overly sensitive and overly sluggish suspension responses.

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