It’s not that your bike is not good, but your maintenance method is wrong!

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When it comes to maintenance, each of us will have a strange flower around us. Experienced riders are not excluded!
In fact, wrong maintenance methods hurt the bike more than no maintenance!
Don’t feel guilty! It’s not that you are not good at it, but your maintenance method is not good!

01. Use the wrong tool
Everything you think you need can mess up your bicycle. Many riders think that it’s nothing to burn money on the bicycle, but they use the cheese-like hexagonal tool to “fix” the bicycle!

A mismatched hex tool can cause damage to your bicycle.

You may also want to buy some suitable wire pliers (not vise or garden trimmer)
A bottom bracket tool (not a hose wrench)
A foot wrench (not an adjusting wrench)
A tool for unloading the flywheel and a chain whip (not to fix it on the workbench, this will not only damage the freewheel but of course the workbench)

02. The wrong adjustment of the headset will cause a series of bad things
We have seen many people think that they can tighten the headset by simply turning the bolt on the cap of the headset.

In fact, if you want to tighten the headset to the correct torque value, you must first loosen the bolt on the stem, and then tighten the bolt on the cap of the headset. But do not use too much force!

03. Don’t understand the limits of one’s abilities
Some questions are left to the technician. Trying to repair the bicycle by yourself is indeed a rewarding experience (even if it is a little bit).

Knowing your ability to repair your bicycle clearly-it’s always right to find your place!

In most cases: If you have questions about repairing a bicycle, let go of your pride and leave the repair to a professional technician. Don’t do a “professional” overhaul of the bike before an important race or event. This is likely to cause bitter results for the next day’s race.

04. Torque is too tight
You may think “Well, it looks like 5Nm”, but that obviously won’t work

If the screws and bolts on the bicycle are loose, it will obviously cause a lot of problems, but it is also not good to screw them too tightly.
If it exceeds the torque value indicated in the figure above, it will cause the thread to slip, or the parts will be tightened too tightly, which will easily crack or break.

We suggest you buy a smaller torque wrench for bicycles

05. Install tires with a tire lever
The magic is that sometimes it’s rainy, sometimes it’s cold, and even when you ride somewhere halfway, it will blow out!
God help me, I just use a spoon! But please never do this. Instead, you can try to install the bead into the groove in the middle of the tire, and then slowly adjust its position by hand instead of brute force.

06. An inappropriate flywheel is installed on the bicycle
You still naively think that you can do it this way. Actually, some people just buy a 10-speed flywheel and install it on a 9-speed bicycle? Naively think this is all right?
It is absolutely impossible! Don’t think that there is a shortcut because there is no shortcut.
How many speeds your transmission is, what is the shifting function, these are all preset and each gear change is matched with a corresponding shifting wire, these are not just for you to install more or fewer chains at will The gear teeth can be changed because they are not compatible.

07. The wiring is worn out
Worn wiring is something we don’t like to see.
Route cap
When you squeeze the cable cap, remember not to squeeze it too tightly, or you may break it. The normal bicycle wire pliers are well controlled at this point. You can use it when making operations, not the kitchen scissors or hedge shears.

08. Pull out the inner cable
Treat internal wiring: be careful!
When you find that you accidentally unplug the inner cable from the frame, there should be nothing that scares you more than this!
You hope that one day it will magically find its way home-but it is impossible!
The correct approach is to extend the cable into a tube a little narrower than the frame tube before pulling out the cable completely, and then put the tube into the frame so that the cable does not easily fall out.

Even the most experienced riders will get confused and feel at a loss! Get a bunch of unsuitable tools and make a bad decision on repairing a bicycle. Without one or two knowledge supplements, the maintenance should be terrible!

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