Long-distance cycling to find the easiest way to ride

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One. Place your body correctly

Including seat cushion height, horizontal position, stem length, seat cushion front, and rear position, frame length, etc.

Two. Reduce the pressure on the foot, don’t step on or pull

1. Give up your personal heroism that riding a bike means standing up, using a big gear ratio, and violently trampling on it.

2. This method is not to increase your pedaling power, but to adapt to the rotation of the chainring

Three. method:

1. Ride on the bike and use a casual speed

2. Shift, find a gear, you don’t need to press your body to step on it, and it won’t feel too easy

3. Imagine your feet are not stepping on the pedals, but floating on top of them, spinning smoothly and calmly

4. Start the afterburner to accelerate, but don’t increase it suddenly in a step-wise manner. Pay attention to gradually increase your speed, and don’t deliberately step on or pull.

5. Continue to accelerate until you can’t speak easily and focus on the rotation of the pedal

6. Keep this stepping for about 1.5 kilometers, trying to rest your muscles while stepping in the middle

7. This is a kind of mental game. Your feet keep trying to step on and pull, but you have to control them with your thoughts. Don’t do it.

8. Imagine your feet are spinning gracefully, as the pedals turn into a graceful circle, imagine that the circle gets smaller and smaller, and your speed becomes higher and higher

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