Master some skills in cycling to effectively reduce physical exertion

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Most people who ride steep slopes give up early in order to avoid a lot of painful expenditure on foot strength; The following skills are how to ride steep slopes.

1. When approaching a slope, use a small front chainring and a rear gear that is two stages higher than the gear you want to complete the slope; in the first stage of climbing, when the kinetic energy is exhausted, reduce it sometime earlier. Gear, don’t frustrate your attempts by missing gear changes.

2. Choose the route forward; most steep slopes have grooves or ruts, and you need to cross it on the upward road; once the route uphill is planned, keep this route forward.

3. Maintain a sitting position, and when you reach the steepest road, move your hips forward to sit on the forefront of the cushion, tilt your upper body forward, so that the front wheels can grasp the ground and have proper control (the body should not be too forward which will cause the rear wheels to slip), and do not stand up.

4. The last stage will cause some pain because sitting on the nose of the cushion will cause excessive use of the quadriceps due to inappropriate extension; but stick to it and keep this position, because pressing the nose of the cushion will cause The rear wheels to have sufficient grip.

5. If the rear wheel slips a little, don’t stop, simply tilt your upper body slightly off the slope to ballast the rear wheel and continue pedaling.

6. When reaching the top, most climbers will lean forward and cause the rear wheels to slip when they cross the top edge; when they reach the top of the slope, they only need to lean back slightly to keep the rear wheels bitten in the final stage. On the ground, you will become a hero.

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