Morning rides can improve sleep quality

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When you decide to start riding in the morning at dawn, in the beginning, you may still feel sleepy on the road, and the temporary sleepiness will take a period of time to get used to. But the effort pays off, because at night when you lie down and your head rests on the pillow, you’ll quickly fall into a deep sleep.

“Morning rides improve sleep quality,” researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine found, according to the study; Long-term sedentary insomnia patients who cycle every other day can promote sleep and, The time it takes for these patients to fall asleep can be cut in half. At the same time, the riding time only needs to be carried out for 20-30 minutes, so that the sleep time can be extended by at least one hour.

Plus, says Jim Horne, a professor at Loughborough University’s Sleep Research Centre, “Exercising outside in the sun can help you regulate your circadian rhythms and rid your body of the cortisol that prevents deep regenerative sleep.”

Adhere to the morning riding exercise method:

1.In the evening, put away the cycling clothes and shoes that will be worn the next day. When the alarm goes off, you can jump right in without hunting for jerseys and shoes.

2.Set two alarm clocks, one by your bed and one in your room, to keep you from being lazy.

3.find a partner. Riding with a buddy is usually a lot of fun, so why not add this to your cycling workout routine? When you feel like slacking off or giving up, your companion will remind you and push you to persevere.

Why is it suitable for cycling in the morning, it is a golden aerobic exercise for cycling. Compared with our jogging exercise, the impact on our lower limbs is very small, and cycling is more about burning. Our leg fat is very effective for those who want to thin their legs.

If you have knee injuries, such as knee arthritis, patella strain, and other bone and joint diseases, you want to exercise through exercise, but it is difficult for running, you can ride to exercise, as long as we shorten For the riding distance, avoid climbing sections, which can also prevent knee injuries.

If you ride at a speed of 9 km/hour, you can consume 245 calories

Important Notes:

1.The blogger suggests that you can ride for 10-19 kilometers. If the distance is too far, it will cause repeated rotations, and the knees will be easily damaged, which is not good for your health.

2.If girls want to lose weight by cycling, the blogger recommends girls to keep the speed at 10km/h, and the cycling time should be about half an hour. This will prevent our calf muscles from growing. Girls who just want to lose weight must pay attention.

3.We must learn to replenish water in a small amount and many times during riding, which can promote metabolism and is very helpful for fat burning

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